Suffix beating piracy


Gospel hip hop artist Suffix is defying piracy with his latest album which is selling despite that it was illegally copied and distributed by pirates.

The album entitled Before I Sleep was launched on 5th May at Mbowe Filling Station in the capital Lilongwe. It contains big name collaborations, both local and international.


According to the musician, most people are still buying the work. In an interview with the local media last week, he appreciated the sacrifices being made by such people.

“People are still buying my album despite that it went on the market illegally. I am so grateful for that,” said Suffix

Piracy is Malawi musicians’` greatest ever villain. Although it is a prohibited act, people still practice it to the dismay of artists.

Other people have argued that Suffix is winning the fight against piracy because he produces good music as such, people do not feel like losing their money on his work.

Michael Matache says: “Suffix knows how to craft good music, no wonder piracy has not affected the album`s performance on the market. Who would not want to spend money on a music collection that features gigantic musicians like Pompi?”

Suffix worked with the Zambian Pompi in a song called Kutali. In the tune, he appreciates God`s favour which has taken him this far in his music journey.