Phalombe DC appeals for help after heavy winds destroy houses


With this current winter, some people in Phalombe are sleeping in roofless houses after heavy winds destroyed and blew off roofs of over 60 houses.

The incident is reported to have occurred around 4pm on Friday at Maoni village in the area of Traditional Authority Nazombe.

According to District Commissioner (DC) Gossam Mafuta, some houses were completely destroyed by the heavy winds.

“I received a report last Saturday that 61 houses have been affected by the heavy winds to the extent that three houses have fallen down and 58 houses have lost their roofs.

“Some of the utensils have been damaged and that these people are finding it difficult to prepare their food,” said Mafuta in an interview with Malawi24.

He added that currently the council has since written to the Department of Disaster Management Affairs about the incident and they are waiting for a response.

Meanwhile, Mafuta has appealed to well-wishers to help the victims with different items including plastic sheets which they should use in roofing their houses again.

“We are asking for the assistance at the moment such as provision of buckets and also provision of plastic sheets that they can use for their temporary shelters to hide in the evening for the time being as you know it is cold,” added the DC.