Govt withdraws Chilima’s security


The falling apart between the President and his Vice keeps accelerating. Just days after launching his own party, the Vice President has had his security detail withdrawn.

Government has transferred 42 police officers from Vice President Saulos Chilima’s office and residence.
According to a list of names circulating on social media, 22 police officers have been moved from the Office of the Vice President to Police Mobile Service (PMS) A Division while 18 others have been posted to PMS C Division.

Government has also transferred two police officers from Chilima’’s Mudi residence to PMS B Division. All the transfers are effective Wednesday, July 25.

Chilima and Mutharika go separate ways.

In a related development, the Office of the President and Cabinet has told ministries to only provide the vice president with necessary resources whenever he is carrying out government business.

Chief Secretary to Government Lloyd Muhara made the directive in a leaked circular addressed to principal secretaries and heads of departments.

“I wish to remind all the addressees that the Right Honourable Vice President should only be accorded such privileges and benefits as prescribed by law whenever the Vice President is performing Government business,” says the letter.

On Sunday, Chilima launched UTM and promised that if elected next year he will prioritise the fight against corruption.

He also threatened that he will mention names of corrupt politicians in the Democratic Progressive Party administration.



  1. andale ndamodzi uyuso asatipusitseyi mbava iyi theretu mnyamata wanetwork 2019 ativuta

  2. He is the president of the country not for Dpp palibe chifukwa chochitira withdrawal his security.

  3. Thus de first tym to hear this how come pitara zukukanika kusovat apa

  4. Pitala you will also have your security withdrawn in the near future after you loose elections ….watch pitala nthawi yako yatha..

  5. It’s not fair because also he deserves respect and good security service. I know and I understand that these two political guys have separated each but one was not suppose to use his power because he ruling leader at the moment .It shows definitely that this president does not respect the law of malawi.He has already starting losing the votes for this coming presidential elections.

    South Africa.

  6. What comes around goes around, whatever you sow you definitely shall reap the same.let them do whatever they can as their days are could have been true had it been that the treatment goes to all gvmnt officials including the president. When he fails we gonna give him the same number of officers that he has given chilima.

  7. It’s easy to announce to the citizens the way UTM leader is doing, but our worry is that once u are elected you will also do exactly what your colleagues are doing now. So it’s cumbersome for the citizens to believe u guys coz this has been a song now for you who wants the leadership place.

  8. Apa boma laonetseratu kuti nalo lili ndi kampeni kumphasa asamangonena kuti chilima sakuyankhula bwino uku nawo akumubwezera akanongomusiya chilimayo aziyankhula zophuzula zakezo achite manyazi yekha koma apa zaonetseratu chipani CHOLAMULA chikugwiritsa ntchito mphamvu za boma kuti chithane ndi adani ake choncho chipani cholamulachi chikudetsa dzina lake anthu sangadzachivoterenso next term yanga Vote Mwailuza a presdent yapita kwa Chilima basi

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