Noel Masangwi lures Blantyre youths to support Chilima

Saulos Klaus Chilima

On a chilly Monday morning Blantyre City East Member of Parliament Noel Masangwi of United Transformation Movement (UTM) hosted a political meeting with the movement youths Blantyre chapter.

Robins Park in Blantyre was home to long, winding rows as multitudes of United Transformation Movement (UTM) youths Blantyre chapter converged for the first time since formation of this political movement.

The meeting which started 9 AM till 2 PM pulled large section youths ages between 18 to 35 years: working class males and females, school leavers, entrepreneurs, Malawi Polytechnic and private owned Universities students, church leaders, surrounding locations block leaders and Civil Society Organizations officials.

Noel Masangwi
Masangwi rings the Chilima call.

“I urge you all eligible youth’s voters in Blantyre to go and register, when the voter’s registration starts in Blantyre to enable you, vote during the May 2019 tripartite elections,” said Masangwi.

He further canvassed for Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima’s candidacy in next year’s presidential race.

“Let me encourage you in a very special way some of you here who have lost hope and do not believe that your vote can change Malawi as such you do not participate hence allowing corrupt readers to win.”

Speaking at the same function, Mwanza West Member of Parliament Paul Chibingu who is United Transformation Movement (UTM) campaign Director of Elections called upon gathered youths to actively participate at every stage in the forthcoming May 2019 tripartite election processes.

“Let’s change things in the country come this time around. Phase 1 to phase 3 voter registration has already commenced in parts of central region and phase 4 will soon follow from 16th August to 29th August in Ntcheu, Blantyre City, Mwanza and Chikwawa. Go and register so that you vote for Chilima and bring about the change we want in Malawi,” he explained.

Chibingu went on persuading block leaders, Civil Society Organisations officials and religious leaders who were present to keep on convincing the electorate to register and take part in an election as it is their human right.

Commenting on the development, Sapleen Maluzi, a Ndirande resident present at the gathering said she will ensure that her fellow youths are being informed about the advantages of taking part in the registration exercise later on vote as it is the only way they can choose the candidates of their choice.

Blantyre City South Member of Parliament Hon. Allan Ngumuya was also present at this meeting.

The UTM is expected to be launched in Blantyre on Sunday the 29th July 2018 at Njamba Freedom Park.



  1. lets change malawi with youth leadership,Chilima is the way and light of poor youth. says:

    Chilima is the way and light of poor youth and all Malawians.Vote chilima for better malawi,new malawi.

  2. As a youth I urge all young men and women to vote out DPP by voting for Chilima. This is our lifetime chance to revolutionalise our country.
    Since 1994 we have been exploited by old men selfish enough to forget about our needs. Here is a young man we can change things with.

  3. Yes , every one must register to vote. Remember that it is only your vote which will make your voice heard. Do not say, I won’t vote , because your vote counts. If you don’t vote you will increase the chances of the one you don’t like to win. So go and register now and vote for Chilima. ABALE TIWONE ZINA.All in all wachinyamata.

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