No ‘Benghazi’ in Karonga during 2019 polls – Police


The Officer-In-Charge for Karonga Police Station has called upon people of Karonga Central Constituency to refrain from acts of violence during the forthcoming tripartite elections, saying time has come for a new chapter to be written.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Brenant Chitanda made the call during anti-violence sensitisation meeting held recently at Mwenilondo trading centre in the area of Paramount Chief Kyungu in the district in the run up to the 2019 elections.

Karonga Central Constituency residents asked to refrain from acts of violence

In his remarks, Chitanda told the gathering that time has come for Mwenilondo which is popularly known as “Benghazi” due to violent acts, to re-write history in its books if the area is to register meaningful development.

“Let me emphasise here, people in any community do not eat violence, neither do they benefit anything when they fight after all we are all Malawians, so why do we fight?,” Chitanda asked.
The Officer-In-Charge said time has come for people to co-exist during campaign, elections and after elections and accept results, saying in any race there is always one winner.

He asked people in the area to avoid some politicians in the area who use them for their own selfish gains as the 2019 general elections are around the corner.

“As a peace loving nation, let us embrace the spirit of loving one another by among others accepting that in a democracy we can belong to different political parties and live together in harmony. Therefore, I urge everyone here more especially the youths, not to stoop so low to indulge in violent activities. People say you are the future leaders, but I say you are the leaders of today, therefore, good behaviour is of paramount importance,” Chitanda said.

He further asked the community not to take the law in their own hands but follow laid up procedures in the area whenever someone is found on the wrong side of the law.

The Officer-In-Charge also warned the youth against the use of drugs and alcohol, saying they contribute largely to one’s bad behaviour.

Principal Village Head woman Mwangolera concurred with the OC in condemning the violent acts that occur in the area due to political differences.

She was however, quick to say that she is doing everything possible to end the malpractice which has dented the image of the area.

Speaking on behalf of the community members, Alick Nthakomwa hailed the police for the message of peace preached to them on the day, describing it as timely.

In his remarks, he said the message has come at the right time when the country is preparing for the general elections in 2019.

“It takes a man to realize his mistakes and say sorry, we are very apologetic for the past mistakes, and we are ashamed of ourselves. We have heard you and we promise to change. This area will no longer be a political battlefield,” Nthakomwa said.

Taking her turn, Constituency Civic Voters Education Assistant Karonga Central Fanny Mwakaghe urged the gathering to go en-masse and register when their turn comes in October this year.
Mwakaghe said everyone who is 18 years and above and those who will have attained 18 years by November 9, 2018 is eligible for registering in the voters register.

“I urge everyone who is 18 years and above to go to their nearest polling centre to register, remember to take your National Identity (IDs) cards when going to register,” she emphasized.

Karonga Police have embarked on anti-violence meetings in the district as the country is preparing for the 2019 tripartite elections as one way of ensuring peaceful campaign and elections in 2019