Chilima defends four year silence on corruption

CChilima endorsed the demos

Vice President Saulosi Chilima has responded to questions over his decision to only speak out on corruption in government after his fallout with President Peter Mutharika.

Asked by the BBC yesterday why he is speaking now about corruption in the Mutharika administration in which he is serving, Chilima said it does not matter how long it took him to talk about the vice.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: nobody disagrees that there is corruption.

“Whether it takes us one year or two years or four years to speak, the important thing is that we speak. As a matter of fact nobody disagrees that there is corruption,” he said.

Chilima added that his United Transformation Movement is talking more seriously on the issue of corruption and how it will deal with people involved in corruption once elected.

“We need to root it out and form legislation. We need to make sure that we walk the talk. The important thing is that do we mean what we say? Yes we mean it,” said Chilima.

On what he will do for Malawi if elected, Chilima said he will first end corruption and nepotism as well as bring in new politics so as to move away from politics of glorification and poverty in which elected officers want people to beg from them.

“And then you look at what are the sectoral issues that must be resolved so be it in health, education, agriculture, energy. There is going to be a detailed outline of what we intend to do in a manifesto that we will be launching very shortly,” said Chilima.

The vice president last week launched his United Transformation Movement and he is expected to be the grouping’s presidential candidate in the 2019 elections



  1. onse andale kukamba kwawo ndikumodzi ngakhale achilima womwewo anayakhulapo nthawi yakampeni ija ya 2014

  2. onse andale kukamba kwawo ndikumodzi ngakhale achilima womwewo anayakhulapo nthawi yakampeni ija ya 2014

  3. He was there he just want to fool us….pepeza amalawi ife ndidzitsiru timusatanso, but i dnt see any leadership in him he just want to confuse malawian after he was taking frim airtell..he was very thing but among the fat ppl whi looted money he is among the group..dnt fool as Team DDP

  4. I wish politicians could remain true to themselves once in power. We get disappointed when the guys take office they begin to bed the very people we didn’t like or rather didn’t choose. He is speaking well on matters close to the hearts of people. The question is will he not be a chameleon once elected?

  5. Nde mwati apumbwa ndi agulugunyinda onse tidzamanga onse?
    List ya agulugunyinda nayi
    (1) George Chaponda
    (2) Uladi Mussa
    (3) Peter Muthalika
    (4) Gidizela wa jefrey

    This is phase 1

  6. Completetely misguided. Chilima doesn’t know that the sectoral issues are more important than fighting corruption. Unless you educate people and empower them economically, you cannot end corruption.

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