MEC rubbishes Chilima’s rigging claims


…MESN wants Veep to substantiate claims

The claims by Vice President Saulos Chilima that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has a rigging machine for the 2019 polls have been dismissed by the country’s electoral body.

In an emailed response to Malawi24, spokesperson for the organisation Sangwani Mwafulirwa has said that MEC has tight security for the election such that it cannot be stolen.

Chilima made the claims on Saturday.

Mwafulirwa said that MEC has a continuous monitoring of the electoral systems in place such that they cannot be infiltrated.

“Regarding the security of the elections, the Malawi electorate should be assured that MEC always has and will put in place measures to protect the integrity of its electoral processes,” wrote Mwafulirwa.

He continued: “MEC has certified security vendors that continuously monitor the systems.”

Mwafulirwa also added that MEC engages stakeholders including political parties and IT experts to demonstrate to them the measures that are in place.

He therefore urged Malawians to not be discouraged by the comments of the Veep and should therefore go and register knowing that their vote will have an impact.

In a related development, the Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) has described the remarks by the Veep as shocking and surprising.

In a response to an email Malawi24 sent, MESN said that the remarks by the country’s Vice President need to be substantiated as a matter of urgency before panic and mistrust in MEC sets in.

“We have been shocked to hear such serious allegations from the Vice President. It’s important that such serious allegations be substantiated as a matter of urgency,” wrote MESN chairperson, Steve Duwa.

On Saturday, the Vice President launched his political party, the United Transformation Movement, in Lilongwe. Among other things, the Veep said that he has information that the DPP has purchased a machine to help in rigging the 2019 election.



  1. Veep has said DPP will not rig the elections. No need to punic.

  2. Ayankheko ndi a MACRA pa nkhani imeneyi inu a MEC kwanu nkungokhala tchelu basi…makina aja anagulidwa through MACRA inu a MEC kulibeko so siilani GOVT. ndi MACRA nkhaniyi

  3. Did he mention MEC? MEC is not the government & it is not DPP. Why the defensive mechanism??????

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