DPP’s Jeffrey says voter apathy signals Malawians’ approval of Mutharika


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Grezelder Jeffrey has said that Malawians are satisfied with President Peter Mutharika’s administration hence the low turnout in the voter registration.

The registration process for eligible voters commenced on 29th June. It started in the central region districts of Dedza Mchinji, Salima and Kasungu. It was noticed, there was low turn up at the registration centres in the said areas.

Speaking to Zodiak Broadcasting Station in Tiuzeni Zoona program yesterday, the ruling party’s secretary general plainly said that Malawians are satisfied with the current Malawi president that is why they are not bothering to go for registration.

Jefrrey has made the remarks.

However, the outspoken Jeffrey contradicted herself in her final remarks when she urged people to register in numbers. She also revealed that she is among those currently campaigning for massive turnout for the voter registration.

Some quarters argue that the citizenry was misinformed on the use of national identification cards as people were told it will among others be used for voting. As a result, they felt voter registration was not going to take place ahead of the 2019 tripartite elections.

The sad development hit hard the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) because the affected areas are considered to be its strongholds. The party officials went as far as calling upon the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to consider conducting the voter registration process again in the concerned areas.
With only 10 months to go before the elections, political organizations are crafting campaign strategies and tools on which their fates lie.



  1. There are great things the DPP has done to Malawians like squandering their economy. Cashgate. Thus why low turnup. Kapumeni a Peter .

  2. What?? Ask the people who are unwilling to register that they are actually fed up with DPP

  3. DPP to hello….Mama Jeffrey to hello…..come 2019 MCP woyyeee no one can stop it kubela or osabela mavot MCP will stand tall ….Auther to hello..

  4. So voter apathy is a vote of confidence????? Very interesting indeed. People must think before they open their mouth, ask Muluzi. People just brought what he used to say to counter him so Madam Secretary General must know better.

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