Chilima accused of using persons with albinism for political gain

Saulos Klaus Chilima

The Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) has accused Vice President Saulos Chilima of using persons with albinism to prop up his candidacy.

APAM President Overstone Kondowe made the remarks in a Facebook post on Sunday, a day after Chilima condemned the killings and attacks against persons with albinism.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: Accused of using people living with albinism.

During the launch of his United Transformation Movement (UTM) in Lilongwe, Chilima took a swipe at people who kill people with albinism saying they are evil and stupid.

However, APAM President Kondowe noted that Chilima should have started by taking action to stop the evil practice rather than using the issue for political gains during political rallies as he did in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

“It is encouraging to have politicians taking a lead in condemning attacks against persons with albinism and proposing strategies of promoting rights of minority groups including us.

“However, they should refrain from using our challenges for political mileage. Our understanding is that the VP was well placed to solve our challenges than Winiko who with us led the naked demonstrations against the killing of people with albinism in the country,” Kondowe said.

He accused Chilima of shunning various events to which the body invited him despite attending functions organised by churches and other groups.

“The VP has never attended any of our meetings such as International Albinism Awareness Day Commemorations despite being invited several times. We have seen him fundraising for churches,” he noted.
According to Kondowe, Chilima needs to engage the potential victims themselves not through a political podium if he really means business to stop the attacks.



  1. Someone say Mr. Kondowe did not politicise this simple question to you all who believe that, if someone highlight someone’s betterness and questioning others or someone that is politics. At the sometime when Mr. Kondowe was inviting the VP was they invite him in which capacity, Individual or as VP? If they invite him in VP capacity then you need to ask OPC why they did not act on him to attend. All such request are processed in official capacity and president should acknowledge them. If the individual invitation then he is an individual like me why they did not invite me?
    Mr. Kondowe should remember that one of their activist was caught mobilising the PP during Mrs. banda’s administration that’s mayi osaman, now how credible is Mr. Kondowe’s criticisms about invitation? Mr. Kondowe may think we don’t know these things? Its like FND invite PP president to their activities. Who doesn’t know that FND is NGO funded by government, and we know Mrs. Osman who is Mr. Kondowe’s official was and is one of PP affiliate. If Mr. Kondowe dismiss these facts we will post on Facebook about Mrs. Osman membership of PP

  2. There is a big problem in our thinking. It is not true that every one who is behind chilima is transformative as most people are thinking. Every one who is against DPP is not an Angel. Let’s comment with sober mind than what we are doing here. Sometimes what we write just show how dull and poor in mind we are. There is reality and there is stupidity. Politicians take advantage of the situations to fool some low minded people. Some issues should not be politicised for the sake of personal gains.

  3. My two fellow malawians who have commented before me, i suggest you take this issue seriously. Yes i respect your enthusiasm for Chilima ang UTM, but i also would like you to look at this matter. The question you should ask yourselves is that, have you ever seen Chilima to any of the events that Mr Kondowe has stated here? If the answer is no, then you should know that Mr Kondowe has a point. And this thing that you have planted on your narrow minded brain of saying that if someone says something that points out chilima’s failures, you think they’ve been bought by DPP or PETER himself, has to be rooted out. I’m giving you five month from when chilima launched his movement or should i say when chilima finally admitted that he is the owner of UTP not NEWTON as we all got fooled when UTP was launched, and surprise not even a single rally was conducted by Mr NEWTON himself. But i’m glad that in chilima’s speech on saturday admitted it that UTP and UTM are one, that was after he mistakenly shouted UTP!!!!!!! Or maybe up to date he is not sure which party will he stand for, because very you will hear him chanting DPP!!!!! because he is just that such a baby. Anyway, the point i’m trying to make here is that in five months time you’ll all see what a snake chilima is, don’t be fooled by that crowd, maybe only a hundred of that crowd will vote for him. Because a lot of those people are of MCP and DPP and they are not about to change over night.

  4. This man is a maniac how good it is to condemn such babaric act and I suspect him as a man who is behind this and is just hiding in this organization. He is the one indeed please investigate him .

  5. Medson and joakin! Please understand base of his point. You too stupid and less focus. VP have been called for their functions not even one throughout out 5years attended. VP thought start thinking of alubino now. Where has been yet he has been attending church fund raising etc. Please please there is no politics in his say

  6. I feel sorry for Mr Kondowe, if you bash people that mean well to you, then tell me what do you want? May be you are enjoying the status quo. If I were one of your members I could have asked you to disgracefully step down. Coz it has shown you are there for something else other than the plight of people living with albinism.

  7. So where was Chilima supposed to talk aboit this albino killing. If he keeps quite you will again say he is not saying something. This also is a biased reporting. This Kondowe is also out of tune with reality. Is he sure the invitatios reached Chilima. Did he double check with his personal assistant. Pls Kondowe engange Chilima now because he is the in-thing now. Give Chilima some breathing space. Dont over load him

  8. U r very wise. U have seen this Chilima from afar. Go deeper wise one go!

  9. Mr. Kondowe is using his MOUTH kuwalankhulira abwantasa. You are a disgrace to the grouping of Albinos. Nothing wrong done by SKC. Long live Dr . SKC and UTM

  10. To be honesty, Chilima has done nothing wrong by tackling the issue of the killings and attacks against persons with albinism, in my understanding this is one way of taking action to end such practices.
    There is no political or personal interest connected to this statement. Fellow malawians please(chonde) let us learn to see things at least with a positive eye.

  11. I think this Kondowe guy is sick in his head. When people are against killing of Albinos, is it a crime? I really think someone is instructing you to say those foolish things. You are a shame to the group of people you are leading.

  12. I think this Kondowe guy is sick in his head. When people are against killing of Albinos, is it a crime? I really think someone is instru

  13. Come on. Someone stands up for your rights and now you want to castigate him?
    This is an evil that had to be stopped at all costs so let’s not be picky about where and how it’s spoken about and by whom. Every voice counts.

  14. There is substance in what Mr kondiwe says. The issue is albinos needs actions not just speaking on the political podium in order to get political milage. Nchipongwe chimenecho. This a very silly & careless mistake chilima made on that day.

  15. Young man u r very wise. U have seen Chilima from afar. Go deeper wise one

  16. Please leave Kondowe alone.Amalawi kusavetsetsa chingerezi.Accordung to the article above, Chilima must stop talking about just because he want to show his concern now coz he wanna be apresdent? He must focus on Manifesto which will lead him into power.Where was him the time Albinos was brutally murdered? He was called for Rallies and to help Albinos to curb that behavior other pipo was doing to Albino.He’s the presdent of Albino and he knows what he’s saying.Stop blaming Kondowe.and after all we are from the same area.Leave Kondowe to speak out loud ???against this greedy politician..

  17. Kodi mulipo ambiri amene mukudyanawo ndalama zakuba etii.A kondowe nanunso mwalandira kangachepe ali pitani mukayankhule za chilima.Mukambe za m’modzi wa anthu a DPP yemwe akukhudzidwa ndi nkhaniyi ku Phalombe.koditu mulipo ambiri oganiza ngati mawofozi.

  18. I can’t understand this guy.Exactly what is he trying to say

  19. Mr Mhango, my thinking exactly why is he crying for someone to condemn the killings????? Is he speaking on behalf of all the people with albinism or its just his greedy reasons? Not good at all.

  20. Not good enough. Dont you think it was good to talk about it? Or you are following some other peoples instructions. Political as you have mentioned. Who is politicing the issue here? May be both of you are. I see someone feeding you with what to say, with a carrot dangling in your face.

  21. Mr Kondowe if you have been bought by PETER MNTHALIKA to criticize Chilima then you are wrong .What Chilima said nothing was wrong ,killing of albinos affecting all Malawians and only politicians can stop this .
    Please stop criticizing him ,he cant read his manifesto in church but there, was a right place for him to voice his concerns.

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