US businessman murdered in Malawi


A 47-year-old Nkhatabay based American businessman was on Friday brutally murdered at his house in the lakeshore district.

The deceased Michael James Maglioli from Massachusetts State was killed in his house at Dambo area located in Nkhatabay.

MchinjiAccording to Nkhatabay police spokesperson Cecilia Mfune, the American was a businessman who sold liquor and soft drinks in the district.

His maid told police that on Friday night she heard a knock and opened the door thinking it was their usual customers but to her shock she saw strange men covered with masks on their faces and armed with panga knifes.

The thugs tied the man with wires and murdered him mercilessly.

Postmortem conducted revealed that death was due to severe loss of blood secondary to multiple big cut wounds on the head.




  1. It is sad and its unfortunate. Often times people want easy money and they do that on the expense of one’s life. These are the messages that we are sending out there and sooner or later we will be termed as a society with high crime rate. Very very sad!

  2. These are stupid pple who doents want to work they jst want to get the money they didn’t sweat for

  3. Pepani ukongwaaa vatipasa Soni kweni.may your soul Rest in peace.

  4. those pple who kill that men they dont love malawi and malawians pple

    how can they kill american?.

    they want America to send bombs in malawi?
    and kill innocent pple??
    come on guys,,
    we malawians we called peaceful pple..
    osawononga mbili yathu yabwinoyi chonde…

  5. That’s how the country dies. Shame on you stupid thugs. You will also die watch. God is looking.looking at the condition of Malawi,we need God.

  6. I personally knew Uncle Mike..He brought this massive screen..lots of movies and play stations..He has been with us for decades why now..Rest in peace uncle Mike..I will be playing some play station,watch hurry Porter,star wars and Lord of rings to remember you

  7. I wonder what Malawi will turn into in coming 10 years if things is happening like this already

  8. Sad and too bad. This should not be happening in Malawi.

  9. I hope those low life criminals will face full might of the law.No one has the right to take away someone’s life.Come on guys where is the Malawi we were all proud of being a peaceful society.Let the government also take a decisive action on corruption and violent crimes as failure to do so will also make our country Malawi look less attractive investment destination.

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