DPP has machine to rig elections – Chilima

Saulos Klaus Chilima

Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima has claimed that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has purchased a spy machine with the aim of spying on Malawians and rigging elections next year.

Speaking during the launch of United Transformation Movement (UTM) in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, Chilima said government has purchased a machine through Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority to rig elections.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima says the DPP govt. cannot rig elections using the machine

Chilima however challenged that the DPP government cannot rig elections using the machine saying they do not have the capacity to do so.

He also noted that the spy machine is a threat to Malawians’ privacy since it will be recording calls people make without their knowledge.

“We know that you have bought the machine, an evil government that wants to spy on its citizens. What are you afraid of? Do you want to know our strategies? If you want to know strategies of United Transformation Party then come and join us,” said Chilima.

On claims that the ruling party can’t be booted out of government, Chilima said Malawians will see on 23rd May, 2019 when he will be announced as victor.

He also spoke on corruption saying government has money but few people are stealing the public funds to enrich themselves.

In his speech, the Vice President asked Democratic Progressive Party members who are stealing from Malawians to refund the stolen money because once he is elected into the highest office of the country, they will be in hot soup.

He pointed out that once elected as the president of the country, he will give thieves of public funds 30 days to refund the stolen money or else they will all be arrested and rot in prison.

According to Chilima, our prisons are full of people who committed minor offences yet people who are stealing from Malawians are just enjoying.

He vowed to turn things around by pardoning the people who committed minor cases and put looters of public funds behind bars.



  1. Mr chilima or who ever u call yourself, dont fool malawians.u and munthalika are on the same page.come and kiss my ass if u will get my vote.i rather vote for Mcp not u and your useless peter.Mxm

  2. All the best it’s not easy to make people’s happy.zimavuta even family.

  3. But my worry is that this machine has not been purchased now as the vp is alleging, it was purchased during Bingu tenure of office and some lawyers tried to block MRA from using it but the court’s gave a go ahead for MRA to use it because it was going to detect communications companies such as Airtel and the like as to how many users it has and how much it makes per day, week, month or year so that they can pay tax as accurately as they earn from the public. Now I wonder why Chilima wants to make this as news, is he naive of the fact that the so called spy machine is going to improve tax collection or he is defending his former employer (Airtel) from paying what is due to its earnings? We call that conflict of interest if Mr VP u are conflicted you are not fit to hold that high office and please don’t insult the intellectual of malawians. Muntharika is very corrupt to the inner most core there no question about that remember how he lied when he was declaring his assets, he said it was a handwriting error really???. I fully support you Mr VP but don’t play with our minds by saying tasteless things such as spy machine coz we already know the use of that not as communication companies tell us but the opposite. We’re you not in Malawi when the spy machine case was in our courts? O I remember you were against it because you were the head of Airtel Malawi and you didn’t bother to follow the news coz u had already made up your mind to protect your then employer’s interest.

  4. You Saulos Chilima you are so stupit we all Malawians know that Dpp was stealing because of you and now you publishing now while we already know that your a very big thief , unali kutiko nthawi yonseyi ukunena za makina obela mavotiwo leloli pamene obelayo unali iweyo ndiwenso mbuzi eti kapolo wakuba iwe ( lisende lakho uyezwa).

  5. Chilima and Muntharika promised us so many things in 2014, but they have done very little or nothing… am no longer voting for these crooks..

  6. Mr v.president mfundo zanu zili ndi chilimbikiso kobasi but nkhawa zanga ndizoti poti andale ndi mizu ena amati zao ndi zimozi,zomwe mukunena kumtundu wa amalawizi muzakwanilisa inu chifukwa amati kunena ndikosavuta kuposa kuchita zinthuzo.mwati mukuwaziwa amene akumatibelao yet your are not resting anyone kodi nthawi imeneyo zizatheka kuwamanga?if so am giving my vote to you my v.prsdnt

  7. Abwana tsonotu musamangotitu corruption adzatha mukadzatenga bomali zapangeniso zoti KWACHA wathuyi adzafananenso mphamvu ndi azinzawo achina EURO monga kale

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