“Ana a Dad” on the road


…Police where thy at thee

Number plates give unique identification to vehicles in some situations but that cannot happen when a vehicle’s number plate is “Ana a Dad”.

Drivers in hit and run accidents are traced using number plates that help to identify the owner of the vehicle.

A vehicle with “Ana Achepa” number plate parked in Limbe near Auction floors floors

Each vehicle has its unique identification through number plates in the world that may be at national or regional level.

However with months to go for Malawi to hold its general elections, the country has witnessed number plates that gives a problem when it comes to identification.

Several vehicles are seen in the cities bearing similar number characters on their number plates making it hard to identify the vehicles in case of accidents.

Spot-checks in Blantyre revealed several vehicle number plates written “Ana A dad” (Dad’s Children), “Ana Achepa”, Ana a Amayi (mum’s children).

These number plates are seen to be in praise of political leaders ahead of 2019 general elections to be held in the country.

But one wonders, how can such vehicles be identified? What if a car with such number plate hits a pedestrian, will eyewitness report that “Ana adad” vehicle has hit a person and fled?

When these questions reflected in our mind, we sought help from the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services through its spokesperson Angelica Makwecha to explain on the matter.

However, Makwecha kept ignoring picking our calls despite several attempts to talk to her.

Meanwhile, the vehicles pass through roadblocks mounted in the cities of Malawi without authorities taking action as if it is not illegal to have such number plates on the road.




  1. personalising number plates it’s legit and more expensive,it’s an easy way how Road Traffic makes extra more money from very proud pple.I wonder why this is an issue.

  2. Bisani u are afool.abig fool for that matter.if that car’s number plate was registered as ANA A DAD, what makes it difficult to be traced? That ana adad is anumber plate that has all the details of the owner.including vehicle make, model and engen number.grow up baba.write something reasonable.

  3. This is useless.
    Am talking about the one who is the minister of transport and the head of traffic department.

    Nowonder that Malawi its on top of the poorest country in the world not Africa but the world.

    Everything malawi its far behind.

    When Malawi and its leaders shall work up?
    Stand up for there people.

  4. Dennis I think your intellectual capacity is just too low. Can’t you see the gist of the article. Eshhhhiiiii

  5. Sizokhazo ayi..,zitha kukhalanso kuti ma njale amenewa akumayendaso uleletu mmisewumutu nanga a Dad angalipiritse mafana awo kuti ayikanyange?

  6. Mr Bisani don’t write this article again,if you don’t know how number plates works ask your friends first before u write it.my car’s number plate is Gondolozi,I gets tickets easily

  7. When departments issue personalized number plate, on the system that personalized number is linked to the normal issued numbers…there is no way that number can not traced unless it is a fake number. Therefore this article is misleading with incorrect information

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