We will create a million jobs in first year – Chilima

Saulos Klaus Chilima

Vice President Saulos Chilima has said his United Transformation Movement (UTM) will create a million jobs in the first year of its administration if entrusted to lead Malawi during the 2019 elections.

Chilima also promised to end the quota system of selecting students into universities saying the system is discriminatory.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima (R): promises to create jobs

He was speaking today at Masintha Gorund in Lilongwe where he launched the UTM, a party formed by former members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party who want Chiiima to contest for presidency in the 2019 elections.

While presenting some of the programs his administration will implement if elected, Chilima said one million jobs will be created in Malawi.

“If you do not believe this, ask Airtel Malawi. When I am given a task I work tooth and nail to makes sure it is completed,” said Chilima.

He added that his administration will abolish the quota system. According to Chilima, quota system is not a proper solution for the problem of shortage universities places. He said his party will in due course reveal its plan for ending the challenge

On health issues, Chilima made it clear that his government will make sure that all the hospitals in the country have adequate medical of equipment and medical personnel who will be paid in time.

Chilima said the party aims at transforming this country and ending corruption to ensure everyone has opportunities regardless of tribe or religion.

He explained that as a party they believe that the problem is not the parties who are put in power but poor leadership saying he will introduce reforms to curb the corruption.

He condemned people involved in the killings and abductions of people with albinism in name of becoming rich saying they are evil and stupid people.

Speaking at the same event, the party’s general secretary Patricia Kaliati said UTM belongs to everyone including the youths who are jobless due to corruption and nepotism.



  1. And u people believe this chilima guy? Why didnt he end quarter system when he was deputy to peter? Why he didnt help peter to create jobs while he was deputy? Guys dont be fooled by this guy.dpp and his party are two birds with same features. I rather vote mcp or any party not dpp and chilima

  2. Alright we’ve heard you Chilima we’re going to try our faith in you on the polling day

  3. Viva chilima mean wel 4 my country
    Tiye nayo bwezi……..

  4. Chilima is better and we need new blood at the top job please enough is enough

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