NGO donates to school of blind


A non-governmental organisation has donated various assorted items to Chilanga School of Blind in Kasungu district.

Chairperson of Health and Beauty Tips Patrick Ramsey Mwapanya told Malawi24 that the idea came as a way of helping the school which also keeps children with albinism.

Members of the NGO posing with the donated items

“We have donated various assorted items at the school such as sugar, salt and soap among others to help the children here.” Mwapanya told Malawi24.

The NGO also expressed intentions to help in construction of the brick fence at the school.

“Because of the presence of children with albinism, our plan is to help the school to build a brick face to protect them. Their lives are in danger as they are being hunted in the country,” Mwapanya told Malawi24.

On how they will raise money to accomplish this dream, the chairman said the organisation has members who contribute funds plus various activities that they do.

“We will source money to accomplish this. We will do many activities that can pump in money like big walks. We will also be calling musicians to perform and keep the money accumulated for the project. This project will be done before the end of this year,” he said.

He further asked well-wishers to partner with them in accomplishing this dream.

In the country, people with albinism are still living in fear because they are being killed on ritual beliefs. Recently, a boy with albinism in Phalombe went missing and his relations are suspected to have been involved in the disappearance. Chilanga School of Blind has 65 children and it is supported by Malawi Government.