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Lucius joins the Chilima trail

The Movement that is supposedly led by Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima who has not yet communicated in person his political plans keeps gathering momentum. Now, musician Lucius Banda has joined the team.

Soldier joins Chilimna

Days after Speaker Richard Msowoya took with him MCP members to pitch his tent at the grounds of the Movement, musician Lucius Banda has released a song in support of Chilima’s candidacy.

The song, Tsogolo lathu, has Lucius waxing lyrical about Chilima highlighting how the Vice President will change things.

“Ilo dziko lathu, ilo tsogolo lathu,” goes the chorus of the song.

“Tikonze tsogolo la dzikoli. Tiyese nzeru zina. Nzeru za tsopano. Saulos Chilima akhale patsogolo,” sings Banda.

It is not known if Banda has sung for Chilima as a hired musician or it is because he has defected to the Movement.

Rumours have been rife connecting Banda to to the Movement after it has appeared that he’s been unhappy with the relationship between his party, the UDF and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).