Nomination fee hike worries MCP

Lazarous Chakwera

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has expressed worry over the hike of nomination fees for various positions in the 2019 general elections.

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has announced that those aspiring to be elected on presidential seat must pay K2 million while male candidates eyeing to be Members of Parliament (MPs) are to pay K500,000. Female aspirants on the position of MP are to pay K250,000.

Male candidates seeking votes on the position of ward councillor are to pay K40,000 while females will pay half the fee that male candidates are demanded to pay.

In reaction, MCP has described the new fees as a block to more candidates in next year’s elections.

MCP Secretary General Eisenhower

Eisenhower Mkaka
Mkaka: the hike will block candidates with limited financial resources.

“It is prohibited because we need to be fair, the economy is not ticking for a person to raise K500,000 for example for nomination fee and later campaign money. I think that’s being unrealistic,” said Mkaka.

He added that the hike is to make only  “rich” people participate in politics.

But MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah said the matter is open for discussion with stakeholders that are concerned with the hike.

Previously, presidential candidates were being asked to pay K1 million while aspiring MPs were being demanded K200,000 regardless of gender.

Ward Councillors were asked to pay K20,000 regardless of gender as well.