Goodall Gondwe left in charge

Goodall Gondwe

President Peter Mutharika has left Finance and Economic Planning Minister Goodall Gondwe in charge of the country.

Mutharika departed for Zambia on Wednesday morning to attend the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) summit which has started today.

Goodall Gondwe
Gondwe: acting president

After Mutharika’s departure, Gondwe was pictured walking together with Malawi Defence Force commander Griffin Supuni Phiri and Inspector General of Police Rodney Jose.

The 81-year-old will run the affairs of the country in Mutharika’s absence instead of Vice President Saulos Chilima who fell out with his boss due to Chilima’s ambition to contest as president in the 2019 elections.

In recent months, Chilima has been criticising Mutharika’s administration and according to reports, the vice president also rejected Mutharika’s offer to be the president’s runningmate next year.

Earlier this month, Chilima revealed that he will contest as presidential candidate in the 2019 elections

Backed by a movement that sprouted out of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Chilima hopes to use the youth agenda to get votes.

Following that announcement, his role as the political head of the Department of Disaster Management was snatched away as the department was moved to Mutharika’s office.



  1. This is a cursed land indeed how can all this shit can happen on earth? This old man at 81 is supposed to be home,what can he do when he even needs a walking stick to walk? This is ajoke and an insult to malawians honestly, the vice chair is getting paid everymonth and you bring another expense when pipo are dying because they cant even afford to buy drugs? All he can do is to sign a new order generators to stop black outs asaaa youth malawians seize the moment now everything is failling just like zimbabwe vote wisely!

  2. Gondwe now your time is up for you to walk around while so called Peter is away for committeements as COMESA meet in Zambia. I see like you are abused old man, yes I understand that we can get good advice from old man like you but be at home resting and enjoy your grandchildren playing. Advice Peter not to misuse taxpayers money, tell him to look after the people of Malawi who made him to sit on that hot chair. THE NATION OF MALAWI IS WATCHING YOU PETER.

  3. The DPP should be a bit sexy in their decisions now that we are approaching elections; a younger person’s pic should’ve looked better there, wake up guys you are facing a stiff competition already; a younger person’s pic could’ve looked inviting there, it’s elections time now please; with all due respect, Gondwe looks tired, this is campaign time

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