Namadingo, Propee endorses Cassim Ibrahim

Casim ibrahim
Casim ibrahim

Malawi`s prominent gospel musician Patience Namadingo and celebrated audio producer Propee have endorsed up and coming singer in the name of Cassim Ibrahim on talent grounds.

The renowned artists have encouraged Ibrahim to maintain the heat as exhibited in his latest song entitled Konda You, which means love you.

Namadingo said: “This is a great song from the motherland, it sounds great to be from a country where such good music is baked.”

While Propee said: “This song is a hit and it will take this artist to places.”

Konda You has gone viral on social media, thanks to the relatively handsome level of creativity it basks in. The guitar which was played by the singer himself is said to be a recipe for sweetness in the tune.

Making matters much fascinating, the song has been delivered in broken English which is a trending form of comic art in Malawi.

A good number of those who have listened to the song, commend Ibrahim for his vocal strength.

They believe that in his voice, he has what it takes to represent Malawi at an international stage.
The song is currently enjoying downloads on local music platforms.

The singer is also the talent behind a gospel song titled Kumathokoza which came out in June. Its video is also enjoying views on YouTube.


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