Madonna considering to build football academy in Malawi


Pop star Madonna has revealed that she is considering to build a football academy in Malawi to help the country’s national team qualify for the World Cup.


Madonna visited the Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre on Monday and she told journalists that her adopted son David Banda’s dream of seeing Malawi at the World Cup has inspired her to consider setting up a football academy.

Madonna during the visit


Madonna visited the medical facility to celebrate the first anniversary of the pediatric institute named after one of the four children she adopted children from Malawi.


Recently, local doctors at the facility successfully separated twins conjoined at the liver. During her visit on Monday, Madonna met Dr Eric Bergstein who led the team that conducted the separation.


She also met the mother and aunt of the twins saying they have been through a lot and it was good to ‘give them hope’.



  1. Congratulations maddona , may our God extends your limit and continue to give many years in this world

  2. You the best,izi sizandale ayi but to develop our own country of which we failed for ages

  3. Good people are always remembered, but not corrupted ones.lots of rich people in Malawi, but waiting for someone to come from far off to develop our country. Its a big shame, keep it up Madonna

  4. God bless Madonna for considering Malawi…such a huge dream….
    All the best to Malawian received that gift and use it wisely

  5. I real appreciate for that”!! I hope if she can do that then next season word cup it wll be in malawi”!!!

  6. I might say good luck with that idea, cause non of Malawians will oppose that idea for the fact that we as Malawians we have been waiting something huge like that for the very long time to happen so now it’s like dreams come true to all the national,am super excited. Plz make it happen mama Madonna,??????????

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