Man jailed for raping granddaughter


A 54-year-old man has been sentenced to seven years in prison for raping his 13-year-old granddaughter contrary to section 138 of the penal code.

The man identified as Rashid Allie was on Friday jailed by the Mangochi First grade magistrate court.

Mangochi Police prosecutor Sergeant Jack Thaulo told the court that the victim has been staying with her grandparents for quite a long time.

courtOn April 6, 2018 the man excused to answer the call of nature but stayed outside for over half an hour.

The wife was worried with the time taken for him to return hence she decided to check on him since he was complaining of abdominal discomfort earlier that day.

As she walked towards the toilet, she heard a strange noise coming from the toilet and she quickly went to find out what was happening.

Thaulo added that the grandmother was shocked to find her husband sexually abusing the granddaughter.

The grandmother dragged him out and shouted for help. Members of the community rushed to the scene and witnessed the incident.

After being quizzed, the victim revealed that this was the third time to be raped by her own grandfather.

The matter was reported at Namalaka Police Unit where medical results from Namalaka Health centre confirmed that the girl was indeed raped.

Appearing in court, the man pleaded not guilty but was convicted after the state paraded five witnesses who testified against him.

In his submission before sentencing, Thaulo pleaded with the court to impose a custodial sentence since such cases are on the increase in the district despite government and other stakeholders fighting for the protection of girls from various forms of abuse.

When passing judgement, his worship first grade magistrate Ronald M’bwana expressed his dismay on the rapist’s conduct.

The magistrate therefore sentenced the man to 7 years imprisonment with hard labour.
Rashid Allie comes from Chaponda village in the area of traditional authority Namabvi in Mangochi.