From a water drop to an ocean: The story of Chipasula Music Project

Chipasula music project

Humble beginnings make successful people only if they exercise patience as they work diligently towards their goal, so they say.

Malawi`s Chipasula Music project has graduated from a township band to something big.

The group which comprises three members: Phillip Mafikeni, Madalitso Chiluzi and Benson Dickson, was born in the early 2000s. It was then called Galang`ombe boys. But it has this year rebranded to Chipasula Music Project.

Chipasula music project
Chipasula music project

July 2018 has proved to be another month the band will live to remember having earned international recognition.

One of their songs entitled Misozi ya Ng`ona, meaning tears of the crocodile, featured on Voice of America medium as Africa`s song of the week.

The song was produced by Chipasula Project`s manager Tendai Shaba.

According to Shaba, the band aims at playing the mouthpiece role for the voiceless.

This is being achieved by telling stories that carry real issues happening in the society through their music which is a fusion of local traditional and urban styles.

“We want to be the voice for the voiceless using our music which is a fusion of local tradition and urban music, as a tool,” says Shaba

Chichewa language is the vehicle which the three-member group uses to transfer ideas to the audience. This is one way of reaching out to more locals since issues being addressed in the group`s music concern them.

Chipasula`s music is motivated by the works of iconic figures in African sounds, the likes of Zimbabwe`s Oliver Mtukudzi, Nigerian Fela Kuti and Malawi`s Allan Namoko.

Malawians, both home based and those in the diaspora are giving positive feedback to Chipasula Project. Foreigners cannot also help it but appreciate the beauty of talent these Malawian boys boast about.

Shaba: We want to be the voice for the voiceless

It is a proven fact that Malawi does not have a specific music genre which people can identify it with. However, the path which Chipasula is following is highly regarded as Malawian by virtue of being the type of music which conquered the industry when audio recording came to life on the land.

Peter Mawanga is among the experts in what people refer to as Malawi music. He has been all over the world for music performances. Chipasula is expected to follow in his footsteps since it is breaking into the international market.

With their new song Misozi ya ng`ona lighting their path, more of their songs are also expected to be recognized internationally.