Chilima movement ready for launch

Saulos Chilima

…Chilima’s presence under wraps

The United Transformation Movement (UTM) which has largely been spearheaded by admirers of Vice President Saulos Chilima will be launched in a few weeks in the country, Malawi24 understands.

Chilima who has been coy lately on how he intends to vie for the post of president in the next polls announced recently he would make his switch upon what he dubbed as ‘extensive consultations’.

Chilima movement
Chilima movement to be launched soon

He was feared according to reports to be on the verge of heading to the United Democratic Front (UDF) or contesting as an independent candidate.

Now, the launch of the UTM has been announced.

According to a press statement signed by Chidanti Malunga who is the movement’s publicist, the launch takes place in Lilongwe at Masintha Ground on 21st July, 2018 before a similar event at Nyambadwe Ground in Blantyre seven days later.

The statement has however not indicated whether Chilima himself will be present at these rallies.

This comes in line with arguments by some social media users that it appears Chilima is being ‘forcefully driven’ to form a movement by the faction that came out of the DPP.

The faction led by among others lawmakers Patricia Kaliati and Bon Kalindo has surprisingly not yet announced they have left the DPP despite Chilima making his way out of the party.

Kaliati and the others have been calling on the DPP leader Peter Mutharika – who weeks ago got the nod at the party’s convention as its torchbearer for the 2019 election – to step down.

They argued Mutharika is having his wits fade due to old age – a thing the president later laughed off.

Chilima recently faced a social media storm slamming him for not being clear in his statements due to the heavy use of proverbs and adages.

As he heads to the top position in the elections, he is awaited with a race against Mutharika, opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera, former President Joyce Banda, LCP leader Sally Kumwenda, Umodzi party leader John Chisi among others that have expressed interest to contest for the presidential seat.

Next year in May Malawi will for the second time running hold a tripartite poll where Ward Councilors, Members of Parliament and a President are to be voted into power.



  1. I know this is not Chilima’s personal property and will contest with him for presidency. So SKC stop saying you will be on assistant he ballot until you win at the convention

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