Mutharika threatens to deport racist foreigners

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has warned foreigners that they will be kicked out of the country if found racially abusing Malawians.

He was speaking in Rumphi today when he laid a foundation for the 10km of Nyika-Nthalire Road at Bolero.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: I am tired of people abusing us

Mutharika cited a recent incident in which a foreign national Mike Harper called a Malawian domestic worker a slave.

The president said he is tired of foreigners abusing Malawians and will not hesitate to expel any foreign national found mistreating locals.

“I know there are a lot of foreigners in this country and in a number of companies such as banks, hotels and lodges where Malawians are abused and called names. I want the Ministry to give me names and when I get those names… they will be out of this country.

“And they will never come back to Malawi, that I promise. I am tired of people abusing us, we are human beings too and there is no person more superior to another person. So they better stop. This is the last warning I am giving,” Mutharika said.

Earlier this month, an expatriate Mike Harper racially made racist comments on a Facebook Group for expatriates.

One foreign national who is leaving Malawi wrote a post on the group praising her maid who is staying behind and recommending the maid to prospective employers.

In response to the post Harper said: “Hey why don’t you take your slave with you? Just a thought.”
Last year, a German national who was a manager for a firm constructing a road in Malawi was deported from the country after calling a Malawian a monkey.



  1. B4 deport them give them chamboko first which was made by our father Hastings kumuzi banda then tell them that AFRICA IS FOR AFRICAN we are the people.

  2. Malawi here is a suggestion: enact a law banning racism. Anyone convicted of this offence receives a mandatory two year prison sentence without an option of a fine. These idiots need to suffer for their stupidity.

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