APM contradicts Bingu on their father’s death


President Peter Mutharika has contradicted his late brother former President Bingu wa Mutharika on their father’s death.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani noted the contradiction yesterday on Facebook following Peter’s speech in Nkhatabay.

Onjezani KenaniWhen opening the Mzuzu Nkhatabay road, Mutharika said his and Bingu’s father died in 1964 three days after he (the father) was assaulted by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters during the one party regime.

“Yesterday, President Peter Mutharika said the following: ‘[In 1964] we were at school when the Cabinet crisis happened. We ran away because we knew we could be a target since we supported the ministers. Soon afterwards, MCP cadres went to our parents’ house and picked up our father. He said he did not know where we were, so they started beating him up. He died three days later’,” wrote Kenani.

But 15 years ago Peter’s brother Bingu said the brothers’ father died in 1972.

“In 2003, Bingu wa Mutharika said the following: I was forced into exile for many years during which my father, Mr Ryson Thom Mutharika, was retired as a teacher but the MCP government refused to pay his pension. He died at Malamulo Mission Hospital in 1972.” – This is Malawi, Vol. 33-38, page 9.”

The contradiction left the social commentator wondering about the exact date of the death of the brothers’ father.

Other Malawians commenting on the post suggested that Peter must have been lying since he has proved that he cannot be trusted.

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