ACB priorities questioned after leak probe

Malawi Corruption

Malawians have questioned the Anti-Corruption Bureau’s (ACB) priorities following revelations that the bureau has hired a foreign expert to probe the leakage of an investigation report.

ACB director Reyneck Matemba told the local media that workers at the bureau have undergone a polygraphic test in order to identify the leaker of the document which named President Peter Mutharika as a beneficiary of corruption proceeds.

Malawi Corruption
ACB director Reyneck Matemba

But Malawians are not amused by the move saying the bureau and government have never shown the same commitment to solve the murder of ACB employee Issa Njaunju who was killed three years ago.

“One of your staff (a Director) is gruesomely murdered, but you don’t bring international experts to help in the investigations, and the case remains unsolved for years.

“One of your staff leaks a report that exposes high-level corruption and you immediately hire international experts to help investigate who leaked the information? Anyway, priorities kusiyana,” Economist Henry Kachaje wrote on Facebook.

Martin Mgwazo Njobvu concurred with Kachaje saying such issues can cause violence.

“An ACB official gets murdered in a cold blood for apparently his resolve to uber-crack corruption and bring all culprits to book amongst whom are government officials.

“CSOs urged government to hire foreign experts to investigate as no headway is made by local personnel. Govt refuses.

Months later, an ACB document on findings of an investigation on reported corruption at police implicating president leaks.

Immediately government hires foreign experts to trace who leaked it.

I am sorry to say this, but when you hear about civil war outbreak these are some of the causes.”

Twitter user Steve Sharra also expressed concern that the ACB is trying to trace the leaker saying there should be laws to protect whistleblowers.

“Just when I was thinking we were due for another major league leak, the ACB decides to pursue the leaker. This country needs whistleblowers big time. Make them safe and encourage them. Not pursue them. But then the ACB knows which side of their bread is buttered,” he tweeted.


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  1. ACB aren’t you ashamed with this scandal? How can a brainy hire external investigators just for leaked document BUT not a death in the same organization? You Matemba, imagine you are brought before NAMALENGA, and you are asked this question, how can you answer it? Koma mukumapitabe ku church eni akenu ati mukukalemekeza mlengi yemweyo, Eeiiish !PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS! THEN CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY

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