Mutharika’s landslide begins from the North, Jappie claims


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leadership has clung to the #Operation_Landslide­ tag.

Under this, the party claims it will win the 2019 elections with a landslide.

Several officials in the party are in the media daily furthering this tag with Minister of Transport Jappie Mhango claiming on the podium today that the Northern Region has joined the course for the party’s sought landslide victory next year.

Jappie Mhango
Mhango: DPP will win the 2019 elections with a landslide victory.

Mhango rang the claim at the official opening of Mzuzu – Nkhatabay road in Nkhatabay district.
His claim was supported by the idea that Mutharika has spearheaded various developmental projects in the region.

He says this is also despite having top notch position bearers from the North citing four Ministers and the Attorney General before Mutharika added the names of Chief Justice and Deputy Inspector of Police to the people he has appointed from the region.

According to Mhango, Mutharika has with these demonstrations showed that he cares for the Northern Region and that the people from the region will vote for no one apart from him.

The DPP faces stiff competition from opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), People’s Party and the probable movement which is being aligned to vice President Saulos Chilima who announced days ago he is to contest in the May 2019 elections – this just a month after he had announced he is leaving the DPP.

A faction emerged within the party urging Mutharika to step down heavily making claims he is aged and that Chilima would execute the roles of the position better.

But Mutharika threw out the idea and he went unopposed at the party’s convention last week in Blantyre.

Mhango’s claims on the Northern Region being at the heart of Mutharika go against the accusations of nepotism the president’s regime has faced. He is accused by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) of favoring the Southern Region specifically the Lhomwe belt where he comes from.



  1. Politicians like to hang on to things even when the writing is on the wall. Ask ubaba Zuma

  2. Just eat chibanzicho komaliza cz congress party ikubwera kuyika malawi pamodzi we al gonna chant the same song as one nation for all…

  3. Jappie mhango just eat those scones, north belongs to tough northerners not sellouts like you.

  4. its a fact that you yourself will not win what about your master zero

  5. I live in the north and I doubt if Munthalika will amass more votes than Chakwela here in the north???

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