MCP U-turns on K4 billion: It is legal money

Lazarus Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Members of Parliament have received their share of the K4 billion allocation with the party saying there is nothing illegal about the money.

The new stance is a far cry from the party’s earlier statement after the allocation was approved by Parliament when the MCP said its legislators will not benefit from the allocation.

MCP has since defended itself saying the allocation was approved by Parliament hence it is legal money.

Lazarus Chakwera
Chakwera says he was not aware that his constituency had already received its share.

The opposition party’s spokesperson on Finance Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi said they only protested against government’s initial plans to disburse the money to selected MPs but once the House approved the money, there was nothing wrong with the allocation.

“We caught the thief stealing money and we said let’s share the money equally, thereby making the whole Parliament part of the thievery. Someone was stealing money from Malawians and we said let’s share equally and at the end of the day it is Malawians who will benefit from this thievery,” said Dzonzi

However, MCP president Lazarus Chakwera said he was not aware that his constituency had already received its share of the K4 billion.

Treasury has told the local media that all constituencies in the country have been given the money.

Lilongwe district commissioner (DC) Lawford Palani also told the local press that the district received K367 million three weeks ago. Each constituency is expected to receive about K19 million.

According to Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, the money will be managed by Area

Development Committees. The committees will also be responsible for identifying the projects to be implemented using the funds.



  1. So MCP you re telling you were crying to things you don’t know. Please please follow John Tembo what he described you current leadership. However thanks for telling us that you all benefit. I am personally know there is nobody like God. Look churches re side lining politics of which forgotten their position in community. MCP you are forgiven and worse chilima movement led by Patricia whom her idea is to be vice president. However she claims youth should be leaders yet she is not. Has been UDF , DPP and now…. Tell me what can she do or say to Malawi new…. Same MCP what new thing can come along

  2. Nonse mwangokhala mbava basi olo kulowa boma ndiye mudzaba koopsya.Malawian politicians thieves!!.

  3. Koma a mcp mitu yanu siigwila ntchito. Mumatiwona ngati ndife ana? Nde mudziti chakwela akhale oresident? Kupanda mzeru kwake kumeneku? Yemwe angadzawine 2019 ndidzasangalala naye kupatula Lazalo Chakwela. Mbava iyi. Munthu wadyera ngati uyu sindinamuwonepo. Ndichifukwa anagulitsa udindo wa msowoya uja kwa muluya wa kwa Ngabu uja

  4. Ndiyeno mabungwe a umbuli anayika malawi pa map popanga zionetsero poganiza mopusa nkhani yokhuza ndalamayi, akutipo bwanji? umbuli wakula mmalawi, please posankha anthu otsogolera mabungwe onetsetsani kuti anthuwo ndi ophunzira ndithu.

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