Betrayed again! Boy with albinism goes missing in Phalombe


It was meant to be a celebration of the birth of a Republic but for 12 year old boy from Phalombe, that was the last day he was seen. He was apparently kidnapped for being a person with albinism.

Police in Phalombe are on a manhunt for criminals that have kidnapped 12 year old Joseph Kachingwe.

Kachingwe had gone out with friends to celebrate Republic day celebrations but did not return prompting fears that he has been kidnapped.

MchinjiThe kidnapping of Kachingwe comes days after the High Court committed 12 people to prison as they await judgment in a case they are being accused of murdering a person with albinism.

There have been repeated cases of attacks on people with albinism in Malawi with the security apparatus apparently seeming to be unable to put a stop to such attacks.

Calls for a death penalty on those found guilty of killing people with albinism have not mounted to much.