Malawi Law Society’s disciplinary committee is a farce


One of the well-known lawyers in the country has lambasted Malawi Law Society (MLS) for having a toothless disciplinary committee to take on rogue lawyers.

During a heated argument with fellow lawyer David Kanyenda, well known lawyer Gift Mwakhwawa accused the MLS of failing to discipline Kanyenda.

Mwakhwawa has accused MLS of failing to discipline Kanyenda.

In a now leaked conversation on a WhatsApp group for lawyers, Mwakhwawa said Kanyenda who has been arrested twice in the past over client money is bringing shame to the law profession in Malawi.

Uyu Kanyenda wawononga ngati lisitoni wa Chilembwe. Baba izi asiyireni ma lawyer eni ake, said Mwakhwawa in one post.

“I know your bone. They die knowing but fighting. Davide…step aside. The president of DPP and the party are being accused of thieving, you are not a thief but have been arrested twice on kindled allegations and you are sure there should be publicity that one with such an allegation over his head is a Legal mwakati?,” he added.

He also challenged that Kanyenda would not be practicing if lawyers had a proper peer discipline.

In response, Kanyenda said Mwakhwawa is not a model of professional virtue and on his arrests Kanyenda told Mwakhwawa to ask the police what they were all about.