Kaliati urges Malawians to join Chilima Movement


Member of Parliament for Mulanje West Patricia Kaliati has urged women to join the Chilima Movement saying it will be the right decision for them.

Kaliati made the remarks at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe on Friday during a rally which the movement organised to mobilize more women to join the movement.

Come join Chilima Movement-Kaliati urges Malawians.

Kaliati who claimed to be the movement’s secretary said it takes time for women to make the right decision although they continue to face many challenges.

She went on to say that the movement is more than ready to rule come 2019 and change Malawi for better.

All of us who are here we have many problems and one of them is financial problem due to corrupt practices that are happening in this country.

“Dr Saulos Chilima knows all of this and that is why he has decided to break those chains and make Malawians enjoy the fruits of this country, not foreigners who are employed without any identity,” she said.

Kaliati added that the movement will provide loans to people to start business to earn a living and also to provide job opportunities to those who are jobless more especially the youths of this country.

The legislator then encouraged people who are willing to contest on different positions to join the movement in large numbers regardless of their race or tribe saying the political movement belongs to everyone and is not a family property as is the case with other political parties.

Kaliati however warned that she will not tolerate anyone who is joining the movement to mislead people in the movement in form of violence, corruption and power abuse such as having affairs.

Speaking at the same event, Malawi’s former first lady Calista Mutharika said President Peter Mutharika should accept that he is old and cannot rule this country.

Calista added that if reelected Mutharika will only continue destroying what others suffered to build for decades.

She explained that leadership needs commitment, hard work and accountability qualities which she  claimed Mutharika does not have.

She therefore said that come 2019 Malawians should expect to walk in the right path with Saulos Chilima who is eager and willing to rule this country and change it to be a better place to live.



  1. What we will need is Godz intervening,Malawi ndi ziko WA bwino and there is no bad people in it God time is best lets all unit and asks God to choose 4 us

  2. I think this is not right time for chilima to rule this county because he don’t know how to talk and he’s still fool

  3. Pass a law that allows people with their own money to run for presidency, we have far too many people high on wanting to steal. How do we trust a guy that has nothing. Rhetoric

  4. Those two lady’s are puppets especially kaliati she is a prostitute politician lady ,everything she is saying is a lier and she is so rich from Kamudzu times,and how she is a Micky mouse Chilima and his fail members they don’t have a chance to steal in the government they have failed they steal and tired now they come and cheat us bcoz the door is blocked and who choose CHILIMA? Isn’t Muthalika? Now he want to spart in the face of his father nobody choose him only President alone now is talking nosense to his father?HE IS STUPID ” and me I can’t vote for any one in Malawi again till I die, CHILIMA IS A BIG FOOL he don’t know even how to talk and campaign is giving weman’s to talk Kaliati a fool too go aaway u r boring me

  5. any country that has lost its rule of law in all governance structures can not develop. Malawi has lost control in running the affairs of executive arm government, evidenced by rampant corruption by the cabinet ministers and even president who is suppose to champion the total elimination of corruption. This explains why all state institutions can not deliver . Talk if escom , MBC, MACRA, just to mention a few are some of the captured institutions.. If we go to law enforcement agencies, they are also captured. There is political violence, albino killing, even the police are involved in heavy crime cases.. Parliament is an institution for getting rich amongst politicians , other than putting in place policies and laws to fix countrys problems. Malawi need a new wave of revolution, as we did in 1960s to eliminate colonialism

  6. Please don’t waste your time campaigning for a man who has never spoken. The guy who has shown all of us that he is a baby as Goodal put it. Malawi now needs a fixer not just rhetoric. We need somebody who will reshape the county to fix the damages that Mutharika and Chilima have done during their time. Malawians chonde do not make mistakes this time around. Vote wisely this time around for some mature person.

  7. Please don’t waste your time campaigning for a man who has never spoken. The guy who has shown all of us that he is a baby as Goodal put it. Malawi now needs a fixer not just rhetoric. We need somebody will reshape the county to fix the damage that Mutharika and Chilima have done during their time. Malawians chonde day no mistakes. Vote wisely this time around for some mature person.

  8. I dont think chalima is a good reader what he is interested is also to steal .why did he not wait till 2024 he is the vice president and he could also be the president of the country under Dpp why forming another party people dont be deceived people wants to enrich themself they don’t have anything when they have been elected they steal money.chalima movement must fall

  9. malawians need to elect rich,humble and helpful people to become President,if not those campaigning for presidency are just hyenas,they cannot develop malawi.
    malawians must know that,had it been that the money that outside countries help malawi,e.g.USA and others were being used properly without corruption,malawi would have been a well developed country in africa.

  10. Callista and Kaliati are failed politicians – they are corrupt. Can Callista give backnow the money she fraudulently earned during Bingu’s rule.

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