Mutharika repeats claim that imported cars are sign of improved economy

Peter Mutharika 

President Peter Mutharika  has repeated his claim that the number of cars being imported into Malawi is a sign of economic empowerment.

Speaking when he led Malawians in celebrating Malawi’s Independence Day on Friday, Mutharika said Malawians are buying 5000 cars every month and there is a proliferation of filing stations.

Peter Mutharika 
Mutharika : Malawians are economically empowered.

“We have economically empowered Malawians to import almost 5,000 cars per month. You can see new filling stations everywhere because Malawians are consuming more fuel. Something is happening,” he said.

Mutharika made a similar claim in January when he said the number of imported cars means Malawians are confident to spend their excess cash.

On Friday, Mutharika also praised his administration  for stabilising the prices of food and fuel.

He added that Malawi has reduced life expectancy from 37 in 2004 to 62 in 2017.

In his speech, Mutharika praised three of Malawi’s previous presidents Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi and Bingu wa Mutharika for their roles in developing the country.

The president also urged Malawians to be proud of their country.

The Independence Day event was attended by several political leaders but conspicuously  missing were Vice President  Saulos Chilima and Leader of Opposition  Lazarus Chakwera.



  1. Gud point Mr president
    Now stop overcharging custom.
    U overcharging custom like hell simply becoz u want people to fail so tht u may gain from your own people,what kind of leadership is tht?

  2. This is how shallow our politicians have gone. 5000 foreign vehicles per month being imported means two things; one, the country is losing forex at the rate of MK12,5 billion per month two, Malawi is exporting jobs (we are creating jobs in the countries where the vehicles are made). Our head of state should be talking of attracting foreign companies to assemble or even manufacturing vehicles right in Malawi to not only create jobs but also bring in forex. look at Rwanda, Nigeria and Kenya……they all are now assembling vehicles for both local and export markets. Our thinking is definitely shallow to the extent that we are proud of other countries taking our money. This is what I call lack of visionary leadership.

  3. May you be leader in yourself so things to happen in your will and expectations

  4. Yar we are understanding for your speech but one thing that u must know is;most of Malawian are buying vehicle through criminal activity especially in rural area ; our brothers are killing each other in order to get human private parts .what make me confuse is Police are every where but I didn’t saw any reactions of officers to stop this taboos.

  5. Those are claims of failed politicians….Bakili Muluzi used to say the Living standard in Malawi has improved because more people are able to Cell phones….Rubbish…!!!

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