MCP celebrates Ngumuya’s beating

Allan Ngumuya

…Malawians plea for the arrest of Ntopwa 1

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters  are celebrating Parliamentarian Allan Ngumuya’s beating saying he helped President Peter Mutharika’s rise to power.

Ngumuya who is Blantyre South Member of Parliament was assaulted by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters during an Independence Day parade in Blantyre on Thursday.

Allan Ngumuya
Ngumuya: Assaulted

The legislator who identified one of the attackers as Osman said he was assaulted in the presence of the police and other DPP officials.

However, MCP supporters and some Malawians are not sympathizing with Ngumuya saying he took a key role in making sure Mutharika rose to power in 2014.

Ngumuya took an injunction against recounting of votes in the aftermath of the 2014 elections.

“Allan Ngumuya, munthu woyipa uyu took an injunction to stop recounting of the votes. Anyway, never again – sadzaberanso,” said MCP cadet Bvulumende Chakwera Kamuzu Mzaza.

Other MCP supporters also expressed happiness with the assault in Ngumuya saying it is the prize he will get for obtaining the injunction.

“Apa zangoyamba sanati ndipo amuchita bwino paja anatenga chiletso choletsa kuwerenga mavoti a 2014 ankaona ngati akhala nduna,” said Auster Undani.

What goes around comes around. In investment we call it payback period has matured,” said Victoria Mapwesela chipped in.

While Reuben Rodger Khwanthe said: “Reaping what he planted, ine kumva kukoma bola akanamuthyolako nthiti koma.”

Other MCP supporters however condemned the violence saying it should not be condoned.

Meanwhile, Malawians have called for the arrest of Jomo Osman who beat up Ngumuya. Osman who is also known as Ntopwa One also recently assaulted a MCP supporter for wearing the party’s colours.




  1. Mcp is the last hope for the nation….Alan Ngumuya dyela taonani mukuzunzitsa ntundu wa Malawi ndi anthu oyipawa..taonani lero akutembenukilani shameeeeee

  2. It’s misleqding to say MCP supporters celebrates Ngumuya beating. That’s nonsense and irresponsible reporting. Please improve you reporting skills. Reading your article there is nothing that sugges MCP is celebrating. You same and then other condemned. These Malawians who chose to say why they can say and individuals …. Just to school you, the article should have read Ngumua assualted in public….

  3. Hopeless MCP. How is this news to celebrate? So yoy are still the same party from the Dark ages??

  4. It is this kind of attitude from.MCP that tells us yhe party is still the same of yesteryears. How do u celebrate someone’s beating?? Idiots!!!

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