Independence Day donation irks Malawians


Malawians have expressed disappointment over donated Malawian flags which have been erected in the capital city, Lilongwe for the 54th Independence Day celebrations.

On Thursday, Economist Henry Kachaje noted on Facebook that flags which have been erected in the Lilongwe for decorations have been donated by Pakistan Welfare Association in Malawi.

In a post, Kachaje said it is shameful for a country to receive flags which it could have bought with its own funds.


Kachaje: I am deeply embarrassed

“As a citizen of Malawi I am deeply embarrassed with these donations of decorations. I wish we had leaders with a sense of National Pride. The cloth that has been used as our national flag on these roundabouts is cheap and seriously, we can afford it with our own taxes.  It’s shameful, very embarrassing to say the least. This didn’t need a donor,” he said.

Many commenters also condemned government for receiving the flags saying a lot of countries would not accept such donations.

Why should Pakistan donate this for our independence, are we really independent? Zina inu,” Chifundo Malunga said.

While Mwafulirwa Frank said: This is a sad country truly. The leadership of this nation is in the custody of people who think like dogs.

Malawians are today celebrating the countrys Independence Day with the main activities being held in Mzuzu.

This morning from 9am there will be a National Service of Worship at Mzuzu State Lodge in Mzuzu where President Arthur Peter Mutharika will be in attendance.

In the afternoon, Mutharika will lead Malawians in celebrating the day at Mzuzu Stadium where various activities will take place.

At the stadium, there will also be a football match between Mzuzu based side Moyale and Super League champions Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

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