Police, Nice Trust in fight against political violence


Kanengo police station in conjunction with National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust have embarked on engaging politicians to ensure violence free rallies ahead of 2019 elections.

Officer in charge for Kanengo police station George Mtetemera urged members of the Kanengo Senior Politicians against Violence (KASPAV) to put more effort in sensitizing their fellow politicians in order to prevent political violence.

Police and Nice Trust team up against political violence.

NICE Trust Coordinator for Lilongwe urban Hahira Alli said every person regardless of gender or race has to enjoy all the rights as provided in the Republican Constitution.

 She further sensitized participants on democracy and constitutional matters.

In his remarks, president of Kanengo Senior Politicians against Violence (KASPAV) Frank Mwanyongo thanked the Police for their initiatives.

 He assured that the participants will deliver and there will be peace during their meetings as they stand together.

 KASPAV is an initiative introduced by Kanengo police station in conjunction with NICE Trust which comprises senior politicians from all political parties to assist in handling of misunderstandings of political issues within its jurisdiction.

 The meeting was attended by KASPAV members, traditional leaders, heads of faith community and leaders of kabanza association in the area.