Expatriate calls Malawian maid slave


A foreign national living in Malawi has come under fire for racism after he called a Malawian maid a slave.

The expatriate Mike Harper made the racist comments on a Facebook Group for expatriates.

One foreign national who is leaving Malawi wrote a post on the group praising their maid who is staying behind and recommending the maid to prospective employers.

In response to the post Harper said: “Hey why don’t you take your slave with you? Just a thought.”

Onjezani Kenani
Kenani: has condemned the remarks.

The post has since been deleted from the group but screenshots of it are being widely shared on social media. Many Malawians have been angered by Harper’s comments and have called on authorities to deport him.

“We will never allow any foreigner to call us slaves on our own soil. Mike Harper must go,” said social commentator Onjezani Kenani.

While Yona Mvula said: “The man is just stupid, taking for granted the respect we give to expats. If we decide to be nasty as Malawians he can regret why he was born. Warning to racists, be careful of how you handle us, stay in your country don’t ever practice your racist attitudes here. This is a country meant for blacks and it will remain so. Respect us and we will respect you.”

Harper later wrote to the administrator of the expatriate Facebook Group apologising for his comments.

“Dear Emily. I’m truly sorry my post has offended and I apologised unreservedly on the page and I apologise unreservedly to you.

“My ill thought out and poorly worded post was aimed at the person who, in my opinion, tried to ‘sell’ someone on that group. It made me really angry to see that and I aimed my comment purely at him without thinking of the consequences.

“I have been told that his post had since been taken down.

“I am neither a bad man or a racist, just stupid now and again. God bless,” he said.



  1. Am I the only one who feels like the apology is not genuine???

    He needs to be investigated further as far as his conduct, toward his maids/workers and blacks in general, is concerned.

  2. When you respect people they always think your stupid if he think he’s a better human being than others, then better leave and practice that yo his country ?

  3. This is MALAWI and we belong here, let him go or we will deal with him. We need to slot him immediately so that other must lean from him. Bingu said if you jump I will jump more than you.his apology not accepted he must go back tomorrow to his country.

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