Malawi can’t hold early elections – analyst


A political analyst has rubbished calls by Malawi Congress Party leader Lazarus Chakwera for Malawi to hold early elections saying such polls are not provided for in the country’s constitution.

Chakwera yesterday said President Peter Mutharika should resign and Malawi should hold early polls following a leaked report which revealed that Mutharika received K145 million from a businessman involved in the Malawi Police scam.

Wiseman Chijere Chirwa
Chirwa: If Mutharika resigned, Chilima would take over.

Speaking to the local media, political analyst Professor Wiseman Chijere Chirwa said if Mutharika resigned Vice President Saulos Chilima would take over since there is no provision for early polls in the constitution.

“In the event that the President resigns, the Vice-President takes over until new polls are conducted. Unless somebody has not read the Constitution,” said Chirwa.
Another analyst Ernest Thindwa said in the current political climate it is not reasonable for Mutharika to resign.

In his statement, Chakwera said the revelation of Mutharika’s participation in the Malawi Police fraud gives Malawians an opportunity to reflect on whether they should continue to trust Mutharika.

“His involvement and/or benefitting from the revealed fraud and corruption clearly crown him as dishonest, deceitful, venal, and disrespectful of the law and the highest office of the President.

“His cocky reaction that his hands are clean despite dipping them in all this dirty fraud and corruption is seal of his unscrupulous self. If these would not pass for serious breach of trust and the laws of this land, what, dear fellow citizens, could possibly do?

“What else should convince us that Mr. Mutharika is the prince, if not the king, of thieves that prosper by defrauding our common pool of resources allocated to various departments and projects for our common good?” asked Chakwera.


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