We are not biased – refs

Malawi Referees

Northern Region Referees Committee (NRRC) has refuted claims by coaches that the referees favour certain Super League teams.

NRRC General Secretary Clement Kanduku said in an interview that the referees follow rules and handle games professionally.

Malawi Referees
NRRC has denied the claims. (File)

“We are wondering when we listen to coaches after games they always blame us (referees) that we made team X lose a game, while in my office there is no such document complaining   that we handled the game with bias,” he said.

Kanduku who is a grade one referee said the men in black cannot receive bribes to influence the outcome of a game since they know the consequences of doing so.

“We are people who follow all 17 rules of the game and we know well the outcome of receiving anything from teams, that’s why we always work professionally,” said Kanduku.

The issue of officiation was reignited last weekend after referee Ken Ngwira awarded a dubious penalty to Silver Striker during their game against Karonga United.

In the current Super League season, Moyale, Mzuni, Tigers FC, Kamuzu Barracks and Big Bullets have already complained about the men in black.



  1. Ha ha ha ha!

    Ife sitingadziwe. Mutha kulandira mizimbe; mutha osalandira.

    Koma strive to be professional!

  2. If Refs in Kenya were recieving Bribes how can ours refuse that?

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