JB: I have enough money for development

Joyce Banda

Mzimba district was this week a political podium for former Head of State Joyce Banda who revealed her development plans for Malawi.

Banda disclosed that once ushered into power she will implement development projects in Malawi using money she generated while she was out of the country.

Joyce Banda
Banda: I will develop Malawi.

The ex-Malawi leader explained that she eying to empower the youths in agriculture sector to ensure economic empowerment.

“Nde ena akuuzani kuti akuteta…akuteta…Ndalama azitenga kuti…muwauze kuti kunja kuja ndimapanga chani? (Some people are to tell you that am joking… Where am I going to get the money…tell them what do you think she was doing outside the country) said Banda

Banda earlier this month expressed interest to return to presidential residents as head of state.

She ruled Malawi after Bingu wa Mutharika’s death in 2012. Banda left the country after losing the presidential seat to Peter Mutharika, the younger brother to late Bingu.

The defeat forced her into exile after the results of 2014 general elections were out only to appear in 2018 with a year to the next general elections.



  1. Exactly! Does she mean that she’s exchanging that development money with votes? Shame on her!

  2. Asaname kuti ndalama anakapanga kunja kwa dzulo lino. Ndalama anaba m’boma lamalawi pamene anali president. Asakudziwa ndani?

    Ndiye poti atsogoleri onse ndi okuba, Joyce akungoziyendera palibe angamumange sinamga nawonso akuopa zawo zimene zikuphulika panozi.

  3. Koma iwe joice ngati unalephela kuwina uli m’boma nde ukawine pano? Zomwe unabazija sizinakukwane utofuna unjozele?

  4. Yes she was outside of country for long time she was busy doing her business so leave her alone

  5. Every politician Does say so in order to fool people.If she is really a samaritan why can’t she help poor malawians who are very much suffering? Why should they vote for her first in order to get help from her?she is fooling malawians in order to get what she wants.She knows that when someone is poor can just accept anything,I would like to urge malawians that they must choose leaders who can really develop the country physically and not by mouth.I get angry when some people use poor people in order to get what they want.

  6. Mmmmmmm banda do you think we4gt ? Cant you just sit and watch others not

  7. much as it is good using personal cash for the benifit of others but still we need a sound vision ,a plan that will trigger economic growth once that money made in usa gets depleted. Myself as one of the youth refuse relying on any form of handouts ,I am much eager to getting good economic policies that will accelerate the growth of my country .My country can give me enough of everything I do have the hope,it’s only possible when my leaders can unlock that

  8. So she is still keeping the cashgate money? ACB move fast.

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