Trouble for in Salima: constituents split over Kabwila

Jessie Kabwila

Misunderstandings have engulfed Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in Salima where North-West constituency committee members have been fired for supporting Member of Parliament (MP) for the area Jessie Kabwila.

The party dissolved the Salima North-West MCP constituency committee saying it was not following the party’s mandate.

Jessie Kabwila

Commenting on the issue, Misheck Chisinga who has been dismissed from the position of the constituency’s secretary said his removal is unjustifiable and against the party’s constitution.

 “I was removed from the party’s committee but l have not officially been communicated on the issue,” he said.

Chisinga added that he did nothing wrong since he was supporting Kabwila who is legislator for the area.

“If they say I was following Kabwila, it is true because she is our Member of Parliament and according to party’s constitution she is our leader,” said Chisinga.

On his part, chairperson of the new committee Samson Kennedy said party members in the area do not hold any grudges against Kabwila.

“It is up to her to consult the new committee because she is still member of MCP, but if she continues to be against the party then she will face the party’s authority,” he said.

When asked, MCP Publicity secretary Reverend Maurice Munthali said he is not aware of the development and asked for time to investigate.




  1. @Tenne Majawa Please take an English class then comment. The articke states that people are being fired from the party for supporting her. She did not fire anyone. She is and has always been a democratic leader.

  2. Kabwira must step down if she don’t want the. Party, it. Is unbelievable for her to fire. Some committee member while she is the reader of them

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