Chilima’s wish to see Mutharika in court set in motion


President Peter Mutharika might soon be found in court if the wishes of his deputy that have started gathering momentum come to pass.

Last week, state vice president Saulos Chilima said that the immunity that Presidents enjoy as they are in office should be lifted especially in matters relating to corruption.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika might soon be found in court.

His remarks came after he broke ranks with President Mutharika and his ruling DPP citing corruption and nepotism as some of the reasons that made him reconsider his relationship with the ruling party.

Just days after declaring that Presidents should be facing arrest and prosecution while in office, a member of Parliament for the Chilima Movement, Willet Kalonga, will be moving a motion in Parliament to strip off presidents of immunity.

The motion is expected to come through Parliament on Thursday which is a day on which private members’ bills are brought before Parliament.

Recently, Chilima has been hitting at the DPP in veiled comments on church platforms.



  1. that is political kutchechana basi wina akapusa mgwetseni iwenso nangati uli ndi mphamvu when u wake up bwezeleninso kumutchecha viva chilma viva