Malungo mbiri yakale project excites chiefs in Salima


Chiefs in Salima have expressed hope that the Malungo mbiri yakale project being implemented by Organized Network of Service for Everyone’s Health (ONSE) will curb Malaria in their areas.

The project is aiming at sensitizing the communities on Malaria issues, finding ways of protecting communities from Malaria and also encouraging people to seek medical attention whenever they feel signs and symptoms of Malaria.

Chiefs in Salima happy with Malungo mbiri yakale project. (File)

Senior group headman Kawanga of traditional authority Kuluunda said he and his people are very excited with the project as Malaria has always been a major challenge in his area.

“I am very happy to see ONSE organization coming to our rescue, Malaria has been a problem in my community as people refuse to sleep in Mosquito net due to beliefs. Some people think that a mosquito net is one of the contraceptive methods, while others say they don’t perform well during sexual intercourse when they sleep in a mosquito net,” said senior group headman Kawanga.

The project which is also a radio program on Salima based radios, Chisomo Radio Station and Love Community Radio, is looking to make a major impact on Malaria reduction in Salima.

“We are operating in the areas of three traditional authorities, Kuluunda, Nkhombedza and Manganga here in Salima at the moment but we will reach out to the whole Salima district. The project is for three years but this is the first phase of the project,” said Tamala Mataka who is the project officer of Assemblies of God Care.

Emmanuel Chiweyu who is presenter of the Malungo Mbiri Yakale program Chisomo Radio Station also showed gratitude to ONSE organization for entrusting the two radios from Salima on such a big project.