A stage of hope: Up-and-coming artists offered huge platform

Tay grin

When they were young, just like one Afrop Pop up-and-coming artist Saukira says, they were drawing inspiration from artists whose projects were making headlines everyday.

Saukira, who has 5 EPs to his name, along with over 40 other artists have been offered a scintillating opportunity of a big stage at a free show spearheaded by big name hip pop artist Tay Grin today in Blantyre.

Tay grin
Tay grin poses with some of the artists.

Tay Grin, who on Friday marked his 13th anniversary in the music industry, l says he saw it fit to rope in the artists just as he did in a similar show in Lilongwe because he sees ‘huge talents’ in Malawi.

“There is a lot of talent in Malawi. We are giving them this opportunity while I am also hailing my fans who have been there for me all the 13 years. Voting for me in numerous awards is something I don’t take for granted,” said Tay Grin during a workshop with the artists at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Blantyre.

On why the interactive event was planned prior to the show at Chichiri Upper Stadium, Grin said it was meant to provide as extensive information to the artists on issues of events management, production and marketing saying it is ideas in these realms that propel artists to greater heights.

“For example, we had talk on music being run as a business. These are things artists need to know,” said the artists whose Nyau and hip pop fuse has earned him numerous international and local recognitions which he says moved him to organise free ‘thanksgiving’ shows nationwide.

Tay grin
A cross section of the participants.

He was joined by producer cum artist Sonyezo who drilled the gathering on production and etiquette artists that aim to excel need to always practice.

In response to an argument posed by one of the participants on tendencies by big name artists to snub doing collaborations with up-and-coming artists, Sonyezo was quick to reply: “You need to up your game. If you have a great idea, anyone is willing to do a collaboration with you in a song. What happen is the artists we term as ‘big’ always aim at being involved in quality work.”

Yolanda from the auspicious Lake of Stars festivals talked about events management – a topic in which she urged artists to have manners in dealing with not just managers but also possible sponsors.

She said artists also need to be real and not pretend to be like another artists they admire.

To this she said it is not wrong to have people to draw inspiration from, but indulging in blueprints of their work takes away the belief there is a talent in an artist.

Another speaker was Castle Malawi Brands Manager Twikale Chirwa who said the company has always appreciated local talent urging the artists to up their game if the corporate world is to support them.

That the event in Blantyre today is a big stage for these artists is not an understatement, as Saukira says, it is rare to have shows that aim at giving a chance to up and coming artists.

Saukira will perform along with 40 other blossoming artists.

About 60 up and coming artists in Lilongwe just like those in Blantyre underwent a rigorous selection process having submitted their work to perform at the stage.

The artists have been drawn from various genres and have promised to give it all at the show that starts at noon.

A show of similar nature is also slated to take place in Mzuzu.

The shows are Tay Grin’s celebration of winning big at the recent Nyasa Music Awards. He won two of the three categories he was competing in: Best Male and Best Music Video for his song 21 which tied with Purple C’s Good Life.