Sukez inspires Malawian youth to use their talents


Malawi`s award winning video director Gift Sukez Sukali has advised the country`s youth to make something tangible out of their talents.

Speaking on Radio 2 FM’s Made on Monday radio show which is hosted by Joy Nathu, Sukez underscored that the fate of Malawi`s development lies in the youth`s ability to use their talents positively.

Sukez: Malawians have a lot to offer to the world.

Sukez has graduated from rags to riches having co-founded a film company with borrowed equipment. He added, he is a living example on the subject of achieving dreams.

“What matters most is to start, if you don’t start you cannot learn anything, you will still remain where you are and no one will know about you and your talent or skill,” he said

He believes Malawians have a lot to offer to the world since the levels of talent in the country are convincingly high. The video director is making strides to break further into the international market.

“Malawians have talent and all we need is to continue pushing for greater and higher platforms, of which I am trying my best to do.”

The 24 year old emerged to be one of the most influential videographers as most of his works go beyond borders. Meanwhile, he is working with many individuals and companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. His company, HD plus Creations, has over 20 employees and is continuously winning lucrative contracts in Malawi.

He mainly advises the youth of Malawi to strive towards creating their own companies so that they should also make a positive change in the country.