Sage poet offers authentic hip hop

Sage Poet

There was a time in rap or Hip Hop music when people had to respect the craft.

Back in time when fame didn’t define artists, but rather skill and love for the art which defined this culture called Hip-Hop.

Sage Poet
Wongani Kawonga

With time comes change and rap has not been exempted with the coming in of trap and other sounds like Trapsoul replacing the original RnB.

Despite all this, some have remained loyal to doing and appreciating good authentic Hip Hop music and good music in general.

Unapologetically, Malawian Hip-Hop artist “Sage Poet” real name Wongani Kawonga from Lilongwe is taking rap lovers back to the essence, where arts matter the most.

This month of June 2018 Sage Poet has released a 10-track concept album called Alchemy.

Basically, it’s a social consciousness album which enlightens and takes us back to our roots and culture as a black race.

Listeners will be reminded of the power of word construction that gave birth to one of the pillars of the culture.

They will enjoy the full body of art in Alchemy. Sage Poet wrote the entire album while unwavering production was entirely done by Justus aka Devine Sense of Bass and Truth Entertainment. Mixing & mastering was done by Nefter, Day Break Studios.

More solid and concrete albums this year are also expected from Prominent Artists like L-Planet G.E.N.E.T.I.X, Sergius, Black Mind, Trudocxsy, PROTOTYPE, Royal Blood Army, Mic-One, Murphy G, Carthedral and GodsKho.

Sage Poet has four albums to his name: True School which was released in 2011, Unsung Heroes which was released in 2012 (a duo project with RebelMusiQ), The Uncool – released in 2013 (with RebelMusiQ) and Mastering The Pain Magnum Opus which was released in 2015 produced by Dominant 1.



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  1. ma g Sage Poet, the rhyme sayer and too true to the roots of hiphop, cant wait tohave this album

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