For 13 years, she has been faithful


For 13 years, she has been faithful and loyal to her numerous customers at Chikapa Trading Center, Machinjiri in Blantyre and beyond as the nsima, rice and beef stew seller.

Miracle Kazombe, the single mother of two, is better known in all circles as Abiti Miracle the brand name of her business being Miracles Take Away & Restaurant.

Chikapa Trading Center

Her customers cut across every sector and age in the setting and from neighbouring Chikapa, Nathoka, Lwanda, Nangozo, Makheta, Madulira Chirimba, Ndirande, Chileka and Bangwe areas.

What began as a humble attempt by the then 17-year-old girl to raise a little money for her home flourished rapidly into a household name in Machinjiri so far as the food industry is concerned.

In a chat with Malawi24 on Monday, Miracle Kazombe, a native of Machinjiri said her father passed on leaving behind 7 children when she was 13.

So I grew up at Nanthoka with my mum, Anasibeko, a tomato seller at Limbe main market, and a very loving step mother.

While in Form One, at Nanjiliri Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in 2001, Miracle always enjoyed Home Economics lessons.

Back home from school, all I wanted to do was to cook, cook and cook, she said.

First Sale

She recalled that one day, in 2001, while everyone else at home was asleep; she went to the kitchen to cook rice and also prepared stew with the vegetables, fish and other condiments available in the kitchen.

The next morning my surprised mother asked me who prepared all that food and I told her I did. I then packed everything onto food warmer containers and headed for the nearby marketplace, to sell the rice and stew for a K400 per portion.

That was the beginning of a great industrial journey which has now made Miracle Kazombe, 34, the proud owner of two vibrant food joints, two six-bedroom houses a labour force of 9 people.

Her first small Takeaway & Restaurant begun along tarmac road at Chikapa Trading Center some ten years ago. With time, the customers started to flock to the place as early as 6AM. Later, the place was expanded to accommodate customers who could not resist the temptation to take breakfast ranging from tea with bread to rice porridge on the spot.

Martha serving her customers.

No success story comes without pain. Those days we had to wake up before dawn to walk up the 2 kilometres journey to fetch water. There was little or no time to sleep at night because one had to prepare for the next day, she said.

Her weekends

One would think that after so many years of hard work and toil, Miracle would prefer long weekends to rest. But her weekends are busy as well. On Saturday’s she goes to Agape church in Chirimba for choir practices as a choir member herself. Eight years ago, she became a Sunday school teacher at her church where her role is to impact biblical teachings to children of ages between 6 to 12 years.

While she is away for church calling on weekends, the Restaurant operates on both days serving at least minimal 20 customers who assemble either for Nsima with beans, chips & chicken and Nsima with fish who later on are billed K600 on every served meal.

Miracle’s Malawi cuisine

The large turnout of her customers mainly minibus drivers from far and near makes the place look more like a fanfare centre, with minibuses competing for space outside and humans doing the same inside.

Just as it appeared Miracle Kazombe had hit her peak in her business, she opened a flashy 18-capacity restaurant opposite Kapenga stage in Limbe. Known as Nthanda Catering Services, the restaurant operates on week days with similar menu as the Miracle’s Take Away & Restaurant.

Malawi24 was struck by the cleanliness and the smart appearance of the friendly waitresses during the visit.

When does Miracle Kazombe rest?

In my spare time all I love doing is to interact and play with my two twins children ages 8 a boy and a girl. It is so much fun talking to them until we all fall asleep, on my bed, and we wake up together the next morning”, she told Malawi24.

Her children, Chikondi, and Chifundo are both doing their kindergarten education. Miracle is the only standing pillar for their upbringing as their father a Mr. Phiri (husband to Miracle) took a never return journey for Mangochi where he had gone for fish business order as a seller, ending up remarrying there.

Despite her business success story without completing Junior Certificate Education level, Miracle Kazombe, insists that every young person, especially girls must go to school and study diligently towards a bright future.

She expressed strong abhorrence for begging, especially on the part of girls and said there are always opportunities to seek a livelihood for oneself, inside and outside the classroom.

She said she was willing at all times to train anyone ready to learn her trade, as her contribution to human development efforts in the community.

Earn your own living and have your dignity, she said.

She never hides the secret of her achievements that it is hard work, honesty and trust in God.



  1. She is an inspiration to many. Success comes with dedication and hard work.

  2. Yehova wakudakiseni ama po mwemunthowa yakuzenga sogolo lino kip it up

  3. This is a inspiring true life tale of persistence, realising your skills, and using them as God intended them to do! I Love this story and will go have a bite at the Nthanda spot one of these days! You should have put a pic of Miracle on here for all to see!

  4. Big-up to all single mothers in work very hard day and night..May Good lord Bless You

  5. This is a very good and interesting story.
    Surely, patience and hard work pays alot.
    God bless all hard workers.

  6. Now these are the stories we want to hear everyday malawi24. Enough with negativities, boma likulephera this and that. Get your ass up and find something to do. Whether you’re a lhomwe or not but if you work hard, ukhoza kutukula moyo wako. Chuma chimene ungapange anthu aziganiza kuti ndiiwe mulhomwe wachitidwa favor ndi boma la chilhomwe chikhalirenicho ndiiwe mtumbuka.

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