Julius Banda marries poetry to music

Julius Jules Banda

Malawian artist Julius Jules Banda refuses to separate his two areas of specialization in artistry as he has combined poetry and music in a project.

His Extended Project (EP) which houses the two forms of art is a product of Banda`s daily experiences. He deems it wise to share the experiences with the world, Malawians in particular, because they can easily relate.

Julius Jules Banda
Banda: I use my personal experience to connect to society.

“I talk about a lot of things. Mostly I use my personal experience to connect to society. I address social issues and how to navigate them through them from economy, family, education, faith, governance and many more,” says Julius.

Since art is not produced in a vacuum, the artist plans to share it with the public. As such, he has planned a listening release party which is slated for Story Club Cafe, in the capital Lilongwe on 30th June.

The event will attract renowned poets, the likes of Menes La Plume, and Young Chitika. Whereas DJ Goxy and Cee-Zee will host the happening.

At the event people, will have an insight of the artist`s inspirations towards his works. Julius is driven by the belief that his experiences are shared by many, only that he makes a different story out of them.

“For most part I would say fear, loss, disappointment, and frustration pushed me to work on this project.”

When asked about his view on the future of local poetry in the wake of its fading popularity, Julius said that it is promising despite challenges faced therein.

Jules partook in the 2015 Chancellor College Got Talent Show as a poet. He is recognised more as a poet than a musician.


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  1. The future is really bright despite the challenges,i think its high time people basically investors start investing in the art…….alot of poets out there but they dont have a proper platform to showcase and share the stories they have deep within.. Go jules go!!! poetryMatters. #InspiredByTheBeginning2SeeTheEnd

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