Joyce Banda seeks return to presidency

Joyce Banda

Former President Joyce Banda has disclosed that she will seek a return to the presidency during the 2019 elections.

Banda made the revelation on Sunday during a rally her party held in Blantyre.

Joyce Banda
Banda: I am also contesting at our convention.

She told her supporters that she will contest for the post of People’s Party (PP) president at the party’s convention in order to become the PP torchbearer for the 2019 elections.

“The People’s Party belongs to ordinary people. I cannot nominate myself and declare that I will contest during the elections. You, the voters, owners of the party will have to decide during the convention who to represent you. But let me tell you that I am also contesting at our convention,” she said.

Banda who ruled Malawi from 2012 to 2014 lost the presidency to President Peter Mutharika and left the country weeks after her loss. She spent four years in exile and returned to Malawi in April this year.

Political analyst however say Banda is unlikely to win the 2019 elections but her decision to contest in 2019 will hurt the Democratic Progressive Party since she will take away votes from the ruling party.



  1. Maiwa musamawanamizile kuti anaba ndalama uku ndi kulakwa,chifukwa chiyani munawapatsa udindo musanachite audit maunduna,maiwa afela za eni

  2. Why did she run away in the first place? She came 3rd whilst she was a sitting president & how on earth can she win this time around ? What’s so special that makes her think that she can make it? The issue here is that she has made a pact with MCP for her to split the votes in the Southern Region so that DPP won’t stand much of a chance. I’m not really complainingredients cos DPP has had its fair share & it has failed dismally. As we go into these elections, Chakwera stands a better chance though he is not my favourite, but don’t write off Chilima as well he might surprise us all.

  3. I agree with your observation, clear, & much intelligent one. Salute!!!!!!!

  4. If she failed to build a house for herself, can she build the nation?

  5. Kkkkk analyst ndinu ofoila.mukunduza kuti onse amene azavotele amai ndi a dpp kkk shut up

  6. Malawians must be clever, they must not just allow anyone to play on their heads, Joyce Banda went away without helping the poor she left them behind when she was president, some few Kwachas missed in her ruling time,she left the country going to USA, to eat some money, now the money is finished, she has come back for more.
    What is she going to do now that will differ to what she did in her last term.
    Leadership in africa is about theft and selfishness.No one comes in to develop the country and try hard to provide people with jobs for better life.

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