Mutharika is under petticoat government – Chilima Movement

Peter Mutharika

National Coordinator for Chilima Movement Noel Masangwi has claimed that Malawi President Peter Mutharika is controlled by First Lady Gertrude Mutharika.

According to Zodiak, Masangwi told a rally in Blantyre that Mutharika follows the decisions which the first lady makes.

Saulos Chilima, Peter Mutharika
Chilima’s movement: APM is under petticoat government

Masangwi who is Member of Parliament for Blantyre City East also accused the first lady of being obsessed with power.

However, presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani told the radio station that the Chilima Movement is confused.

The Chilima Movement was formed to push Mutharika to retire and allow Vice President Saulos Chilima to become the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate in 2019 elections.

Mutharika however maintained that he will seek re-election next year and he encouraged anyone looking to become DPP president to challenge him at the party’s convention.

Chilima responded by announcing that he will leave the DPP and will not contest for any position at the party’s convention. He also said he will reveal his plans soon.



  1. So Nambewe, Mr Ibu consulted his wife when he wanted to steal MK145m? Kkkkkkkkkk

  2. No no no, Malawi really need to be transformed, not only in politics but also should have our mindset change. Old people have made and tried their level best to develop the country but to no avail. The culture of regionalism, tribalism and who is near me has made our country were we are. “they are behaving as if ali pa depot going somewhere” Avomereze nthawi yawo yantha achinyamata alamulire for better malawi. we keep sayuing youths are the leaders of today, this is our time and trust “Us” we will develop our nation for it is our home. LET CHILIMA LED……

  3. The way I was respecting Saulos Chilima,its not the way he is behaving now ,whatever is controlling you right now you better start rejecting it in the name of Jesus Christ otherwise you would wait for your turn bt now you’re removing peoples interest in you ,sorry Baba better Peter is controlled by his wife if anything they will
    suffer together and you???????Wicked people!!

  4. Honestly, speaking is high time to be ruled by old politicians like APM”.. i guess time has come to move forward.

  5. Honestly, speaking is high time to be ruled by old politians like APM”.. i guess time has come to move forward.

  6. Dr. Chilima adikile nthawi ya mulungu osati ya anthui.ulemu kwa APM. Anthu amene Ali gulu la Dr. Chilima ndiwapempe Kuti musamasokoneze vp wathu. Mukumanamiza Kuti chani? Ndale ndi kugwesana ndipemphenso amipingo ndi mizikiti musamalowelele ndale za dziko la pansi. Malamulo a mulungu Amati tikonde nzathu ngati tikugwera mu ndale tilalikila bwanji.

  7. I am very disappointed with the Chilima movement. for once I had a chinc of hope that he might make some intellectual sense but I am getting tired of waiting. He is welcome to participate in shaping the country by suggesting to law makers to debate is points!in parliament! Thats where laws are made! Insinuating! Confusing! Dithering is not the way to go about making change!Decent men consult their wives anywhere in the world! So the first lady equally should be consulted by her husband! Its correct to do so!
    Mr Masangwi if you a re a Chauvinist pig please remember that APM is not! He looks for wisdom! He listens and then he makes up his mind. The shallow mind ones amongst you think that means he is indecisive! No he is just very careful!

  8. Highly confused & over ambitious.Let them face it.Living examples should surface in their minds.

  9. Just prove it. If you don’t consult your wife I believe you consult your girl friends. You are very corrupt remember you cost Enock Chinga job at MRA

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