Jeffrey taunts Chilima: Says he is afraid of losing


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary Grezeldar Jeffery yesterday ridiculed Vice President Saulos Chilima over his decision to not contest for any position at the DPP convention.

Speaking when President Peter Mutharika presided over the ground breaking for the Tsangano-Mwanza-Neno road in Ntcheu on Sunday, Jeffrey said some people have left the DPP even though the party has organised a convention.

Jeffery: Chilima has run away.

Without mentioning Chilima, Jeffrey said the people who have dumped DPP know that Mutharika would win at the convention.

“Amati akufuna convention tangowaona mkati mwa bwalo athawa adziwa kuti bwana mukawagogogda, mukawanyenyanya (They wanted a convention but before the date of the indaba they have run away, they know Mutharika will crush them),” said Jeffrey.

Chilima last week announced that he will leave the DPP. This followed calls by the Chilima Movement which wanted the vice president to challenge Mutharika at the DPP convention.

In his speech, Chilima said corruption is worsening. He added that there is also nepotism, cronyism and regionalism hence opportunities are a reserve for those with tribal connections.

But on Sunday, Jeffrey said corrupt people are the ones who have left the party. She urged Chilima to mention names so that corrupt people who are remaining in the party should follow him out of the DPP.

“Onse amene anali a corruption atichoka kale panopa… Ndiye mwina asiyakonso azinzawo. Ndiye ife angotitchulira anthuwo azitsatana azipita, chifukwa akudziwana. Chifukwa sungangotchula nkhani ya corruption anthuwo usakuwadziwa. (All corrupt people have left DPP. Maybe they have left their friends in the party. They should mention the other corrupt people because they know each other. A person cannot say there is corruption without knowing those indulging in the vice),” said Jeffrey.




  1. Ife pambuyo pa chilima. dpp tatopa nayo pa 14years mcp inatitopesaso kale pa 31years udf nayo tinatopa nayo pa 10 years. Tione zina SKC MOTO KUTI BUUUUUU!

  2. Jeffrey your are just an empty tin. You making noise out of stress. Look at the prominent bluu blooded members that habe dumped your corruoted party. In Democratic government you still excepting to make all of us fools. Blood full zako . You think we are dom and cant see. Your time has come to fokofu. Damn

  3. Amai nenani zina, nkhani ya corruption mukuikana mukuopa Mulungu kapena kusangalatsa munthu, nkhani ya achaponda mpaka kuotcha office ya boma si corruption?,ganizani ndikulankhula zoona mufune musafune ndalama zikubedwa katundu waboma akubedwa, ngakhale mulankhule mozibisa inuyo mungodya nyenyeswa,koma poti Mulungu amakonda Malawi kusintha kukhalabe.

  4. A jefule kudali anzanu oziwa kuyakhula kulalata lero nd awa akaliyati tikulilira limodzi.musalimbane nd chilima limbanani nd corruption. Ife pambuyo pa MCP

  5. Tamuwoneni kuyipa nkhope ngati Mutharika, aMalawi munatiwona kupusa kwambiri anthunu, Chaka chamawa mukhaula, ndikubera komwe kuzakumvutani.

  6. In primary school our teachers used to tell us that ’empty tins’ make a lot of noise, meaning that noisy people have no.brains – this is the group that Jeffrey belongs to! Jeffrey should remember that Peter Mutharika himself has on several occasions admitted that there is indeed corruption in Malawi but has never mentioned names of those involved in corruption. Why should Mutharika and his stupid Jeffrey demand for names of corrupt people? Just recently Kondwsni Nankhumwa also.admitted.that money is being siphoned out of District Councils and yet he also never provided names. It is common knowledge that many DPP members are swimming in Billions of Kwacha today ( they cannot explain where this sudden worth has come from!) and yet, just a few years ago had literally no asset to their credit. Is this not corruption? The biggest problem Malawi has is that the country has no president. The man does not know what is going on around him and the thieves around him are deceiving him with false information so that they benefit. Jeffrey thinks DPP will always be in power, NO it won’t and it is just a matter of time before she is relieved of her SG position in the party. Soon she will be a nobody. Maybe she has also forgotten that she wanted to sue her own government and party to which she is a member and an official. Soon, there no song for you to sing Jeffrey!!!!!!

  7. The evidence is all over abiti Jeffrey. Chilima is waiting for the right time to start spilling the beans, and he is going to do this during the campaign period. Whether he is going to do this out of frustration or not, but remember, this will grossly contribute to the downfall of the Lomwe Empire.

  8. Mama your crazy….The whole dpp is corrupted including you, you should be the first person to go out then the rest will follow you… Why you greedy people can not tell your boss APM the truth that its over with him instead you keep fooling him…shame you guys shame.

  9. mzimayi uyu mutu wake sukugwira olo pang`ono kkkkkkkkkk corruption Maize gate sukuidziwa iwe ndiwe chitsiru chamunthu

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