Dedza prisoners face hunger


Over 200 inmates at Dedza Prison are to face hunger as suppliers have threatened to stop supplying foodstuffs to the institution due to accumulated debts.

Reports reveal that the prison owes suppliers over K50 million on foodstuffs supplied to the prison and has been failing to settle the bills since 2017, a development that has pushed the suppliers to threaten to stop supplying food to the prison.

Dedza Prisoners are to face hunger.(File)

Malawi Prison Service authorities have attributed the problem of failing to honour the bills to an increase in number of prisoners in the country.

Spokesperson of the service Julius Magombo said they have requested special funding from the treasury to pay money.

Magombo expressed hope of getting the funding in the next financial year for the payment of suppliers.



  1. Not all imprisoned are involved in different offences and only God is the right judge cause some are there just because there mouth are wealth less and one time God will stand on there steadiness thats then the truth will be up flagged as the only right and moment thing may our dear heavenly God look after them and bead them as the moment the crocodile are pending for the heavy hail Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

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